Stick Arena Rules




  • Messages of a blatantly offensive nature are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Using vulgar, profane, or sexually explicit language
  • Using race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, disability, nationality, or gender as a means of insult
  • Using threatening, harassing, defamatory, hate-speech, or libelous language
  • Posting or requesting links to (or material from) pornographic, obscene, illegal, or hate-speech web sites
  • Posting links to web sites with potentially offensive content without a clear warning (This includes clan websites with “SAB n Chat”)
  • Descriptions or details about any sexual act or sexual organs.
  • Attempts to evade the swear filter (Intentionally misspelling profane words)
  • Posting to provoke other players to respond with insults (Trolling)


Posts clearly insulting other players, directly or indirectly, are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Extreme name-calling
  • Extreme insults
  • Offensive orders
  • Insinuations


  • Spamming is posting annoying or illegible messages several times in a row. Examples of Spamming include:
  • Posts that clearly advertise a service
  • Repeated web site advertisements
  • Scams, chain letters, and pyramid scheme
  • The use of repeated characters in excess (“whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,” “VIP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.”)
  • Unwarranted/excessive use of caps lock (SEVERAL MESSAGE IN ALL CAPS, MeSsAgeS IN altERNaTiNg CaPs, etc.)


Making any attempt to gain a user’s password or personal information (account password, address, etc.) will result in immediate permanent ban. Please, do not ask to “trade” accounts with someone, ask for their password, or any other form of obtaining one’s password.


Sharing, selling and trading accounts is a very easy way to get an account stolen thus it will no longer be tolerated. The user who creates the account is the sole owner of the account. Any user caught asking to share, sell or trade accounts will be banned. And as always: asking for someone’s password is not tolerated.

We have no way of acknowledging the validity of any transaction that doesn’t happen directly with XGen Studios, thus XGen will not assist those users participating in sharing, selling or trading accounts in getting back their account.

In addition, we strongly advise against accepting accounts from other players. Some users have the ability to retrieve their account’s current password; they can use this as a scam technique to figure out what their victim changes the password to and steal their account(s). (Kongregate scamming)


Use of any programs to hack, script or edit Stick Arena in any way are prohibited.

Any user found hacking for the first time will be IP banned for one week. Any user found hacking with a single ‘hacking’ mark on their record will have their account permanently banned. There are two exceptions to this policy however: the use of any alt-killing programs (this includes macro-recording + ‘suicide’ hacking) or hacks to assist in alt-killing (including anti-dc) and alt-killing while AFK (away from the keyboard) - i.e. placing objects on your keyboard - will result in an immediate permanent ban on a user’s first offense. Anyone found using alt-killing programs, hacks while alt-killing, or AFK alt-killing will be forbidden to alt-kill in any way, including “questionable ranking”. If found alt-killing in any way again, these users will face a permanent ban. To clarify this includes: alt-killing (both legitimate and illegitimate), having someone else alt-kill for you (legitimately or illegitimately), having someone else alt-kill (legitimately or illegitimately) an account and “acquiring” it later. Always remember, account sharing is discouraged and you as an account owner are responsible for what occurs on your account.

Additionally, asking for links, websites, etc. leading to programs to script or edit Stick Arena is forbidden. Saying you are a hacker or admitting to being a hacker in any way shape or form is also against the rules. Even blatantly joking can earn you a ban.


Suicide hacking is a program that makes your stick person kill itself over and over very rapidly giving others or yourself fast kills. As always, this will get your account immediately permanently banned on your first offense as well as all of the other accounts on your IP at the time. In addition to this, staying in a game with a suicide hacker to gain those kills will also get your account permanently banned first offense, whether or not that was you on the suicide hacking account. This is counted as illegitimate ranking.


Feeding players is just as illegitimate as alting, so you will receive the same punishment as alting. The player feeding will receive a one week ban first offense, while the one receiving the kills will be reset.


The deliberate use of a glitch to change gameplay dynamics (deliberately wall (Chrome) glitching/weapon glitching, lag rushing, etc.) is forbidden. Additionally, ‘Glitch Maps’ (maps made with mazes that require glitching) are not allowed.


If any account is to accrue 10 days or more of bans it will be permanently banned. However, if you own an account that has been permanently banned and is unbanned (either through appealing or the time has expired), that time is reset. Previous bans may or may not be used against you in the future.


If there is no M beside one’s screen name then they are not a moderator. However, trying to impersonate a mod will result in a permanent ban. Obstructing our ability to moderate by other means is also forbidden. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Creating usernames to imitate those of moderators. Example: “5challmeister”, “C0dfish”. This includes making usernames like “im.a.moderator”.
  • False administrator messages posted in the in-game lobby.
  • Claiming to be, or be able to grant people, moderator status.
  • Declaring that a non-moderator player is a moderator.
  • Running away after a moderator enters a game, or running away when a Moderator comes to check on a game. (ie Alting, and running away on sight of a Moderator.)
  • Wearing a moderator spinner on an account without moderator status in-game. To clarify, this does not apply to the lobby.


It is okay to block profane words out completely, but leaving letters blocked out or evading the filter in any other way is forbidden. This also applies to making MMOcha accounts. Accounts that bypass the filter due to deliberate misspellings or any other way is prohibited. The account will get banned, no questions asked. Making game names that bypass the filter is also not allowed. We will kill the game and you will get warned not to do it again. Refusing to will result in a short ban.


If you have a question, state it. Don’t just PM us by saying our name a bunch of times. This actually makes our work harder because it fills up our chat so we’re unable to see if someone really has a problem. If you do ask a question and we don’t answer, don’t keep asking. We are either away from keyboard, busy with something else, or we have deemed the question unworthy of answering. In addition, if we decline your 1v1 or VIP request the first time, do not continue to ask us.

Be advised, these examples apply also when publicly talking to a moderator as well.

If you have an important question or it’s an emergency, you can always try shooting a mod a message here on the forums, or find one of us on the Discord server.


Posting links to any private Stick Arena servers, offering to distribute such links through PM’s, explaining methods to find such links, or hinting to their locations are all forbidden - permanent ban on first offense.

Even though we can not stop you, we recommend to not go to any private server, as they can contain keyloggers and may log your IP, which could then lead to something else (such as DDoS).


Stick Arena Moderators cannot and will not assist you with ‘lost’ or ‘stolen’ accounts. See here how to recover your account.

Tips for preventing account loss:

  1. Never tell your password to anyone. EVER! XGen or their partners will never ask you for your password, but scammers will. Anyone asking you to reveal your password is a scammer.

  2. Always log into the game via the official website or at Using 3rd-party sites, loaders, trainers, or other methods are not secure and often result in stolen accounts.

  3. Never use hacks, trainers, etc. These files usually include keyloggers (programs that log your keystrokes on whatever you’re using your keyboard for (emails, bank sites, etc)) or viruses. Hackers do not release files to help you, they release them to help themselves (usually to help themselves steal your account!)

Note: If you are unable to log into your account, make sure you do not have CAPS LOCK turned on. This is often the cause of people believing they have lost their account. There is also a 5 second delay after entering your password in wrong the first time. Wait at least 5 seconds before entering your password in again, otherwise it well tell you again your password is wrong.


Appealing Your Account(s): To appeal your account, you must make it a private message including all of the moderators. Keep in mind this is for appealing permanently banned accounts only.

Please read this thread for instructions on how to appeal your account(s):

Email Changes:

Moderators will not assist you in getting the email changed on an account. The only exception to this is if your email no longer works/was deleted/provider no longer exists. If this occurs, you MUST provide evidence to us that you no longer have access to the email. We will not help you if the account you’re trying to get an email change on is someone else’s account/an account you bought/traded with someone. The account needs to be yours and yours only.

Name Changes:

The developers are no longer doing name changes for accounts. The only method to get your name changed is through Blast Rage Online. However, with this method, your account username must contain one of the following: 16+ characters, an underscore, a period, or a comma. Your account also needs to be email verified to do this.

Account Transfers:

The developers will not accept any transfer requests for Lab Pass days, credit, blue head, spinners, or stats.

KEEP IN MIND. MMOcha moderators do not have the ability to change any of the information listed above. If any of this comes to us, we have to go to the developers to make this happen. Do NOT send any requests to the developers via private message on the forums or email, as they only reply to the moderators with such requests. Please come to the MMOcha moderators first. Bypassing the mods with such requests may result in a punishment.


Launching any sort of attack against any other user of XGenStudios will result in a permanent ban on your first offense. Second offense, a permanent ban on all of your accounts.

Launching any sort of attack on ANY XGenStudios title or server will result in an automatic perma-ban.

Please note that even blatantly joking about DDoS’ing a user or a server can be treated as an actual threat. We do not play around with this.


Definition: search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.

If you publicly post any player’s personal information without their permission, you will be immediately permanently banned first offense. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Posting links to their social media pages. This includes mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, niece, nephew, girlfriend, boyfriend, great uncle, sister’s aunt’s mother’s daughter’s son’s nephew’s father, you name it. It will not be tolerated.

  • Posting pictures of them, their girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.

  • Posting their email address, street address, school address and name, etc.

  • Saying their actual name, if they wish to not be called by their name on XGen, family members’ names, etc.

Last updated on 1/13/19.


Seeing how this is becoming a thing again, here’s a refresher. Do take notes.


Let’s not find loopholes in the rules. Just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean it’s ok (it’s listed now.)


Second quote is from Season 12 topic in Stick Arena sub-forum.


Alright, this is the final time this will be mentioned. Anything now and onward will be dealt with first offense. Don’t find yourself tied up in this because I can’t undo stat resets or unban IPs. Keep your noses clean.