Stick Arena Romance

(Schall) #35

@retry Because it’s inappropriate.

(Shane) #39

As time passes, it heals all wounds. Never forget and always love what you have at the moment because you will never know when you will lose it. Emotions are complex features that we all have, sometimes wish we never had them. But its better to live your life feeling happy instead of sad and knowing that each moment and experience you have, will change you for the better. Never lose sight of what is important to you, always keep your eyes on the prize, strive for more with your life and never forget the people who helped you along the way. Love and respect yourself more than anyone else can, you are the only person that will do that for you. Life is a diffcult and strange monster that will make you want to run away and hide to never to be seen again, don’t let that intimidate you. Tackle it head on and show it who is boss! Don’t ever let anything take away your happiness. You only get one life in this world, you have to live it the way as you want. Make friends, Enjoy your experiences, Learn from your mistakes, and always love yourself more than anyone else can. Show everyone respect that you want to be treated with, Love people to whom show you love back, Live your life the way God intended, don’t ever feel trapped, escape if you ever do. No matter how hard life gets for you, just remember there are people out there that are experiencing the same things and there is always help available. Speaking out and showing emotions doesnt make you a weak person, it shows that you have the strength to talk about issues instead of running away from what life throws at you. You are your only support at the end of the day and you must be strong. Life is cruel and you must accept the flaws it has in it.

Never forget and always remember the memories.

Live, Laugh, Learn, and Love.

Thank you.

(Shane) #40

Will always love all of you <3

(Chicken) #41

Love can not be limited to only one or a few individuals. It surrounds you as a cloud of raw emotions. Everyone who gets near you, feels your “love cloud” and experiences it in a different way. Some will refuse, some will accept. The most positive thing you can do, is trying to get every individual to accept your love.
There are some people that prefer to have “hate clouds” surrounding them, but you just have to get through the hate to get to the core of love.

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