Stick Arena Romance

(ℳʀ. Ƭσαd) #1

Hello fellow :frog:s,

Let’s talk about something that is forbidden :wink:

That’s right, I’m talking about those times on Stick Arena where you were in the XGen HQ with the hammer and were using it on the picture in the RG room. :blush:

Seriously though, have any of you ever dated, e-dated, liked, married, “etc” another person on this game?

I’ve read threads before on people dating in this game and to whom probably have gotten married over Stick Arena. I don’t of any instances of that, but hey, it could happen! :couple_with_heart_woman_man:

If anyone of you knows of a time of where people dating (that was public knowledge) feel free to mention it here (Remember the Bro-Code fellas…)

Also, this doesn’t just have to be just about heterostickual instances. If you don’t want to mention anyone’s name, please do not feel required to. So in that regard,
(Let’s keep this thread clean, I think we all want to read the responses, no toad responses)

(Schall) #2

That Lindsey chick on SA. MMMMM


me & ladybulletx MMMM that british accent :weary::weary::weary::weary::weary: n her body :astonished::astonished::weary::weary::weary::rofl::rofl:

(SA Air) #4

Xxxasunaxxx, omg her spamming in the lobby used to turn me on

(asgfgh) #9

A lot of my old stick arena screenshots are in a notepad file on a broken laptop, including the old screen of carlos and malik having gay cyber on xat. Maybe I can retrieve it when I don’t feel lazy, I probably won’t even get it to turn on.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #10

I remember that! carlos posted the screenshot and I still don’t know why he did that?

(SA Air) #11

Lmaoo throwback as hell​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

(SA Air) #13

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(retry) #16

Do you mean o3? If so, then that’s not true cuz he wasn’t playing in '12 AFAIK, and I still talk to his sister she ain’t ever played SA.

(dalton) #17

I had a thing with staplegunner (jimmy) back in the day lmao. So dumb lol.

(Agent) #18

Bardahl XOXO

(SA Air) #19

Emily got bomb as hell lmao, fly me out too canada :joy::joy::tongue:


Lmao “Jimmy”. Maybe was a Jimmy I never saw her on cam tho. Thats mean to say, though, I thought she was cool peoples.


I had stickual relations with this one girl off sa and then someone I knew also had stickual relations with her but I think he really loved that girl. Oh well, live and you learn.

Pretty sure everyone knows the story

(Lexus.) #23

I used like to play against women.
I played sometimes even with my sister. “Suzan11” :slight_smile:
Obviously it’ hard to say about “romance” in game :smiley:

(Lovable) #26

interesting, hmm.

(Luke) #27

I had the feels for Bardahl :wink: but I think current SA romance is like learn2guard and the guy he was supposed to guard but ended up bear hugging him from the back :joy:

(Shad0ws / Jon) #28

Me and blue glock were hitting it off, man. She nasty.

(mack) #29

Emily8 is my girlfriend


Jen :heart_eyes: that girl had a wild life though. She left SA when her mom was abducted by Mexican cartels and held for ransom. No lie hope she’s okay now

(SA Air) #31

Jeez wtf? I didnt even know that happened. @Guy thats crazy