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This technically had been happening yesterday also but okay.

EDIT: What essentially also amounts to the same two people more or less griefing is ongoing. l’m not sure if other individuals can corroborate them also abusing chrome glitch but at least one person we’ve both spoken with suspects them of using your discord to coordinate.

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(Post was moved to here, so to clarify, this letter is for the cause of being able to play custom maps without need of a Lab Pass)

Good evening, XGen Studios,

With the Steam port impending, I felt now was a time more relevant than ever to share this thought. I feel this is something that should’ve already existed for years, and there are a good couple reasons as to why. For one, you already need to buy a Lab Pass in order to unlock the ability to buy any map slots in the first place, and second of all, you’re allowed to create and save maps while you do not have a Lab Pass. I have 5 whole maps sitting in my account gathering dust, 3 of which were newly created within the last 2 months, and I am not only unable to play them, but unable to test them for quality as well, by myself or with a friend. (On a related note, an increase in max map slots from 5 to 10 instead, or even more, would be nice as well; many players have alt accounts just for holding excess maps.)

Not only do I frankly doubt that Lab Passes generate a sizeable portion of XGen’s profits nowadays, but I think it would also be a due service to the very dedicated Stick Arena community to ease up on at least one of the restrictions. With almost all the spinners, all the pets, and the stock Ballistick maps still locked under, as well as map slots to begin with, I’d say that granting this one freedom would be far from nullifying the benefits of a Lab Pass.

While I assure you that every member of the Stick Arena community is very thankful and has much gratitude towards XGen Studios after years of dedicated support (and most definitely the upcoming Steam port of Stick Arena), I do think some easing of the restrictions is overdue, and that out of all of the Lab Pass restrictions to lift, not allowing users to play on their own created content is the foremost.

Please, @Kaelyn and @David, take time to look over and consider these suggestions; I’m not sure of the state of Stick Arena’s code, and I know that the XGen team is small, but I do not think these simple alterations would be difficult to implement.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for the many years of bone-crunching, face-melting fun. Here’s to many more,


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If y’all are making a Steam port for SA, you should remove all servers except for 2 US and 1 EU server.

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Anyone still plays sa??

Stick Arena Playdays
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Sometimes, I cant play right now since Steam is too laggy for me, My computer sucks, and the website doesnt load for me.

But the only time you find people on the actual game itself and not discord is Sunday when there are playdays (free things/prizes given out), but you can find a game or two at night in the Classic lobby, not Dimensions, but those are usually premade games for players in the discord who 2v2. Or you can find random hammer games if youre into that stuff. You dont really see people in the in-game lobby unless they are new people or alts, but people are on the discord though. Still a fun time if you can a game going.

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Hi again : )

Just want to hear this from you,

Being told by multiple people that you guys can’t update the game anymore since the port to Steam, is this true? Can you still update the old maps (adding new ones), and or adding restricted colored spinners to the Ballistick Shop?

Please respond. : D