Stick Arena Requests Thread

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #100

I doubt anybody can get rank 15 before the season resets UNLESS they secretly alt.

(OOF) #101

Request that we can keep our ranks (since its almost the end if the season) just reset kills list please

(Lexus.) #102

I thought about it. We should to write collectively, as a SA players. How about create new theard?. NOW there are just 2 weeks to end first competitive season, so it isn’t there a chance of doing it after first season. We could think first week this season about it. After all Im pretty sure XGen Team will listen us someday if lots SA players agree with this idea. The best thing what we can do is try to take an initiative, instead of fighting against XGEN employees/moderators. Resetting just a leaderboard can be much harder, but worth to try fight about it.

(Lexus.) #104

I mean players who fought against XGen.


Request for tournaments to start back up, as it will bring players back stick arena more often.

(Felda) #106

For the past 3 years I mostly play Boxhead but my request is Petition to unlock 6 ppl. game and spinner function keep the rest of lab pass function. Boxhead is more fun and sustainable cause its 16 ppl game you wouldnt feel so lonely like the game is dying lik when your playing 2-3 player in an SA game sometimes.

(paul) #108

Had a nice tangent with somebody in the lobby today about this game. I used to play a very long time ago and now play again for the convenience. Every great online multiplayer game no matter what genre always has two things in common, balance and desirable achievements. Stick Arena is such a simple game, I really think the developers and mods could upgrade this platform into a phenomenon.

Mods are doing great things to make the game more fun and prevent cheating on a daily basis. I think featured rewards and seasonal awards such as the lab pass and exclusive spinners are great to keep players interested. Can the overall platform of the game be upgraded? Changing the reward system will keep old players interested and give new players excitement. If we look at more than just kills it will change the motive for some of the boosters and hackers, giving the administrators more time to find new ways to stay ahead of the bad seeds. Nobody likes to accumulate deaths but it is an inevitable part of the game. It sounds ugly but maybe factoring deaths into rank will disperse balance and demote boosting. Players will get rewarded for spending time playing the game and maybe introduce periodic rewards for the skilled players. There will never be no hacking/cheating but changing the rewards system may put the administrators in a better position and make fair players happy.

The gameplay needs more balance. I personally enjoyed almost all maps but it seems to me 90% of competitive games are Xgen or Pit and that gets very old very fast. I’ve played some very fun maps the community created themselves in VIP lobby’s and I highly suggest some of these maps should be voted into rotation seasonal and even permanently if the players love them. I’ve heard good map creators used to get rewards. That sounds like a great policy cause it incentivizes the player base to not only purchase LP but add to the game as a whole.

The mods need more tools to monitor users effectively. It’s easy for any player to detect a hacker or a booster just by clicking their name or playing with them for 30 seconds, and I think the thread on this forum is a great tool to help the mods reach the bad guys faster. I still think you guys need better tools that feed you answers. Is there something that can show you Kills per time played for each username? Finding the outliers on that formula would be a great start to identifying who is unfair… that way you have time to develop preventative methods rather than wasting time trying to find your culprits.

It’s easy for me to say all of this but I can see why its hard to achieve, the game is really not a money maker for Xgen right now. Finding more ways to monetize this game will without a doubt improve quality for the players in the long run. I’d like to believe more money for XGen = more reasons to keep that money and use some of it to improve the game. Adding all of these features and changes I mentioned above could be expensive. More players will buy in if you give them an advantage and not just cool new features to change it up. You can do this without ruining the game, for example you can give players with LP a faster way to rank up. Right now rank is just based on kills so maybe give them the rank at 10%, 20% less kills. Also, let players keep their LP earnings. If someone bought a delvian pet with LP let the players continue to use it even when the LP expires. This will keep them happy and interested in earning the LP again. Personally, I believe the benefits of LP will look so much better if you allow certain features to remain permanent. Let players purchase the ability to reset their ranks. Add more ranks, maybe one for season, one for permanent. Give them new logos and what not to show off for different achievements. Players love to show that stuff off.

All ideas here surrounding the bigger picture.

(Elited, Du0) #109

What everyone said pretty much lays it out, but what we should really get or lower is the kill requirement for all the ranks, that way people who want ranks they’ve never gotten can actually get them without having to legitimately/illegitimately alt. (Which yes, also goes especially for me)

(Kaelyn) #116

Hey guys!
So my name is Kaelyn and I am the owner of Xgen (Skye’s late wife). I’m going to be honest and direct with you as I think that’s always best. Since Skye passed away the Xgen team has been very focused on bringing The Low Road to market (especially in for Skye). We’re an extremely small team currently (only 4 of us with only 2 working full time) at XGen. I want to make it clear we are paying attention to you guys even if not always seeming active through communication and we want to find ways for stick arena to continue and thrive. However we do request patience and also request the servers stop being attacked as that helps nothing. We do work actively with the mods who bring concerns to us and working with them is always the best way to be heard. Thanks @mousy for starting this productive

(Shane) #117

Ask and you shall receive,

Everything requires time to perfect guys. Stick Arena and every XGen game will hopefully get their well-deserved “upgrades” based off of user requests.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.


What things do you wish stickarena had in it? Let your mind can wander!

If you have any suggestions or ideas of what you would like to be in Stick Arena please feel free to reply!! :smiley: Example: Spinners, holiday competition ideas etc

Please remember that none of this may or may not have any effect in the future of Stick Arena and is not intended to be.

Thank you to the Whole Stickarena, Xgen Community, I am going to try to do my best to make this community stronger!

This is a great game with a great community! God bless

All ideas welcome!


I also think to prevent fking (Free Killing) there should be a patch where you are impossible to hit till you grab any sort of weapon, not just for the first spawn seconds. Whether that be any gun or melee weapon, once you pick up any weapon it will clear the no health state of your stick character.


Precisely. It would be ideal to have in SA tournaments and matches

(jøeL) #133

I agree with Mousy. A lot of new players are being kicked because of the "NFK " rule while they have no clue what’s going on. This could be one of the main reasons for why new players aren’t sticking around. So if we could try to reduce that, maybe it could work out. But other than that, it seems fine so far!


New players are somewhat the future of SA so preserving the new-gens imo is 1st if not 2nd on the list.


This is true, but you didn’t need insight from Chris to know that. That’s why they’ve been getting rid of maps that were originally featured.

(Tazer) #138

Increase the map slot limit? Having only 5 at a time can be a bit annoying…

(Weary Of The World) #139

Can organized votekicks get added as an actual bannable offense now?


If its intentional just because your dominating i don’t see why not?

(Schall) #141

I personally would classify this as harassment if the same person is doing this over and over.

I will deal with this next time it happens.