Stick Arena Requests Thread

(Merk) #69

More play days, would bring the community together a lot more.

(RaS) #72

I dont know if requesting ideas to this thread is a good idea from the start. I don’t even think David will even take a peak at what you guys are saying lol. This is pointless to even try to fix minor things on SA. Just random comments are coming from players suggesting GOOD ideas… The time i’ve spent on SA is useless. I could’ve graduated early by now, with all of this time i’ve used to play SA on. They really cannot see how a majority of us players like to play SA.

(Schall) #73

Because who else would be doing it? There’s been 5-6 accounts deleted/renamed that were fake accounts of me on here. The same ones causing the issues now are the ones who were causing them months ago. Some things haven’t changed. And I did that myself because that’s who I heard was doing it, along with sending out the fake admin emails to multiple people.

They probably have an idea hearing stuff from me all the time.

Maybe one day we can all get along and stop causing trouble to one another. I’m sure the devs would enjoy not hearing any trouble coming from their game(s).

(retry) #74

Honestly XGEN is straight up retarded for not investing in SA Ballistick for the last time and port it to JS / HTML5 and release that ■■■■ in a shell unto Steam. The game is NOT outdated, why do you think SO many people played it for so many years, nearly the whole game is perfectly balanced. A 2v2 in XGEN HQ is more thrilling than most games, if I would still actively play video games I’d play SA all the time. But browser games are basically dead unless they’re meme-y phone-compatible games like Steam is filled with games as simple as SA that got like a million buys. Real talk, y’all don’t know what you’re doing investing in a new game (even Wii shit back in the day) while y’all got a game that has been played over like a 100 million times. Y’all dumb man real talk RIP Skye tho.

All there’s actually missing in-game is a 2v2 mode, like where you have 2 teams and you can disable friendly fire (as an option) when you make a game & where the team score just counts. And making games that only allow max 2, 4 or 6 ppl ya know.

Oh and before I forget, if it would actually get ported… How about no graphics settings but just one mode where everything looks normal but there’s no ■■■■■■■ distracting effects shaking your whole screen up or display red all over man wtf.

Global stats reset on stickarena
(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #76

Takes 10 minutes to finally connect to 2-d.

(Schall) #78

@Scott @Jordan

Refreshing the servers the other day didn’t seem to fix anything. And it seems like it’s gotten worse?

I currently can’t even make it to the XGen logo on the site, and 2DC seems to be down.

(Schall) #80

Several people have been getting this message:

(RaS) #81

I’ve been getting those about 6 times everytime i get on to play … Pathetic. Spinners don’t even load for me, the spinner glitch is sooo annoying as well.

(angery) #82

I’ve only had this happen to me recently when trying to log directly into 2-D…which took about 5 minutes to connect into from a different server for me tonight.


I get this sometimes after I get disconnected or the lobby stops responding and I restart browser and get this message logging back in (maybe a different server). Almost as if previous session is not ended or logout is not sync’d across servers.

(OOF) #84

when you get that message its because when you cancel its still trying to connect nobody has logged into your acc so dont worry

(Merk) #85

servesr refresh maybe…

(Emir) #86

I’m really dissapointed in Xgen. Literally left SA left to die… even the servers ■■■■■■■ up. I barely play but when I hop on tryna 2v2 server just all messed up.

(retry) #87

okay so you’re basically saying free tay-k?

(retry) #89

Bro honestly you gotta wonder if xgen developers are capable of simple fixes in flash & the obsolete webservers cuz I’m starting to feel like they have a lot of manpower but not a lot of knowledge. Pretty sure they got multiple people employed who work 40 hours a week, what are they even doing? Making new games 24/7 lol? It’s a tiny bug damn.

(angery) #90

If XGen is only a dozen people tops nowadays then developmentally-wise relatively speaking that’s not actually a lot of people.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #91

I think it’s not their top priority but atleast scott did say he will address them about these issues.

Give it 5 months.


flash is obsolete and will die bye 2020 there’s no point in fixing a game running on a broken platform

and besides, and the legend @David once told me, the code is too old. or was that @Neo idek

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #95

You realize the game is too laggy for any of us to take it to the competitive side? unless we do this for fun but if I were to participate then the game needs to run smooth.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #97

Not enough people sign up so red had to close it but yeah your right.