Stick Arena Requests Thread

(retry) #36

Turn the music in the intro 75% down or make a button to disable that loud ass ■■■■ man wtf.

(RaS) #40

If you guys are going to argue , please do it somewhere it else. We don’t need none of that non-sense here.

(Schall) #42

Come on guys, cut it out.

(Lovable) #43

I think its incredibly selfish of some players to even think they have a right to complain about moderators after the crap they’ve pulled. Schallmeister has taken a lot of drama and done a lot for this community of people who dont respect him. Something he voluntarily does with no reward at all. Just a bunch of selfish kids who get into his personal information, and cause him stress he really doesn’t need. Yet, he’s stayed and continued to help with this community. He doesn’t have to tell you the things he does behind the scenes, and what takes up a lot of his time. The fact that he’s stuck around for this selfish crybaby community is amazing enough.

(retry) #45

Idk how this post got 6 likes I don’t know much about the situation that’s being addressed, but I can already tell you’re completely missing the point and misunderstanding a lot of the things that you’re trying to respond to lol.

(SA Air) #46

@Lovable Lmao well thats kind of the point in being a moderator… No ■■■■ people are going to complain to him & cry. If he isn’t fit for the job he wouldn’t have took on the responsibility of being a mod. Use your brain laura…


The thing is, if they have the time to fix the credit glitch surely they can do more… but, that’s not my cup of tea anymore.


I might be wrong on this but in the mod-section on the other Forum Neo said something about there’s not enough room for other maps haha

(Chris) #54

@Cole that is correct. There are a fixed number of slots available in Stick Arena’s client configuration file. However, this is not prohibitive of adding new featured maps if the users agree some or all of the existing featured maps are removed to make room.

(Stickdude) #57

Well if we can feature new maps, that’d be great. Of course we’d use a map thread here on discourse as opposed to using the in-game voting system. And maybe a few well known map makers can be judges.

Another suggestion: They should bring back the original theme song and these winning & losing jingles!!

(SA Air) #58

Bring back the old intro, it was way better than the annoying ass one we have now

(M76mat) #59

I never even played original SA but I love that theme so much more than Ballistick/Dimensions theme.


Agreed sir

(Don) #61

100% agree with you, Laura. It was just disgusting to see how Schall was being treated, and yet he has always refused to retaliate, unlike some other mods.

Stick Arena Suggestions + Ideas
(SA Air) #63

I want an Apache Helicopter with Twin 50 CAL miniguns & Hydra rocket pods that use atomic nuclear explosions of death. I want this apache helicopter to have quad turbo engineering & be twin bladed. I want the armor to have reflective lazers so when you try to shoot it down, the bullet will richochet off the armor & then BOOM the shooter dies.


I support this 100% make it happen!

(Lizbona) #65

No matter how much you beg, how much you cry, nothing is going to make XGen update the game. Ever. Deal with it and move on. On the other hand, I like your ideas.

(SA Air) #66

They were my ideas technically but i support mouse.

(Emir) #67

Is it THAT hard to update the servers so it’s atleast less glitchy? It’s getting out of hand.


new spinners would be lit

i see you editing my post Neo