Stick Arena Requests Thread

Hey everyone, I am making this thread as a place where we can make requests to improve or fix Stick Arena. This is not a place for individual requests, such as ban appeals; this is a place for a discussion of potential suggestions or requests that impact the game as a whole. Remember to ask respectfully and be patient and civil no matter what happens.

I understand that the developer team is small and busy with things. However, I hope we can at least have a discussion between all sides of the community so that we can try to get things done, keep things moving forward, and be on the same page while doing so.

The main concern I have right now is the functionality of all the servers. Cartesian Republic and Europe Amsterdam servers need to get fixed; Europe server has been super glitchy, and Classic has been altogether non-functional for a long time now. European server is important for the European side of the community, and Classic server is important since many people still regard the Classic screen as the ultimate competitive standard and would better serve us in tournaments.

I will start with just this point for now. Hopefully this thread can turn into a healthy and productive discussion that will get everybody on the same page.

I think an update would be absolutely perfect, but then again i think about the mods and devs not caring enough. Running tournaments and fixing minor bugs, is good enough.

Definitely think Stick Arena should get looked at more often than it is.


Bring back Robyn dubuc


We do need this kinda thread. I am kinda curious where this thread will go in the future, And how much attention this will get so something can be done about the requests. By requeusts i mean ones like the servers beying down or the cred system not beying fully functional

As somebody who played Stick Arena in 2007, and stayed within the community through 2015 very actively. I’d say this was one of your best games. If you invested some time into the server’s, and marketing the game it could thrive again. Toxicity killed it, and helped in flourish in 08-12.

Yeah I find it odd mods only target certain players I rec voose using color hacks and Luis said he wouldn’t ban him because he needed to confirm it was gold when he even said it was gold on the yt video but if I were to do it it’s a sin and im going to hell forever makes complete sense right?

I don’t know where else to post this and I can’t seem to send private messages. Several days ago I was banned by mistake and I was told an unban request was sent, yet I still can’t log in or create an account. Anyone know where I can contact an administrator directly?

You can possibly get in reach with them by emailing or sending a private message through the forums.

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Change the color hack rule so people could have variety instead of red green blue and yellowish colors.


Then, that means people who would want that kind of opportunity would have to get access to the color hack programs. I don’t think they would just add it into the shops.

The rule itself is just dumb lmao. “Oh hey check out my new assassin” Doesnt even really feel cool anymore because everyones going to say, “Oh, nice. Totally havent seen that color before.” Smh i just feel like since 2017 is already almost over & Stick Arena only having a few players that can actually say they play the game, the players should be given more priveledges. Maybe it would make players stick around a bit.


In my opinion this game is slowly dying because David is not as active as before. He would come and visit every week and help out with every request the Stick Arena Community requested of him. This game used to be VERY active, anytime of the day when you login you would see more than 2-15 people that is mostly known (including moderators) in the lobby. Now when I login I only see about 4-5 people in the lobby. I request that David and every employee staff come together as a group and start being more active when it comes to Stick Arena. As far as I checked Stick Arena is pretty much the best game Xgen Studios has and it doesn’t make sense to not be active on it. People played Stick Arena more than any other game Xgen Studios has to offer.


If it wasn’t for people and their shenanigans we wouldn’t be so tied up with everything else now would we? I’ve put a lot of stuff on the devs’ tables from everything that’s been happening lately.

I’m expecting some things to come about some time after today when The Low Road releases.


Perhaps paying a lil attention to BBH, it’s pretty much been abandoned ever since its launch… :confused:

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That’s just it. You don’t see everything. It hasn’t really stopped.


#Mousy4Mod … Hes basically getting SA a little active again


It’s big trouble, because at the moment most of Xgen employees is very busy for create new games.
Part of moderators are inactive too. Maybe we should to choose fews new like in 2013? I can understand that it’s hard to visit a game when you are adult, but it’s nobody’s fault. 80 percent of all servers is fully empty. Celebrations like playday and free lab pass week/weekend could be help to keep this game more alive. Since last year we have nothing except tournaments . A lot of people undestood their mistakes in the past, so i think that 5 year ban is too long time. Many people still don’t know how to appeal too. When your account is banned and you have “lab pass” you lost all your money, and you can’t recover it even after for fews year. On the other hand lots people used their lab pass just in 2v2 or private game and young people don’t give a chance to develop their skills or knowledge about whole game. From my point of view “kicking” should be allowable just for hackers and players who don’t know how to behave in game. Players shouldn’t a ban to play some newbies. I agree with Michal resetting whole IP could be good idea. Game could be get younger and more attractive for young players Our generation won’t play forever, and this game can still save.

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If you guys are going to argue , please do it somewhere it else. We don’t need none of that non-sense here.

Come on guys, cut it out.