Stick Arena Ranks

(Lexus(17)) #22

I respect your opinion, but i don’t agree. During first competitive season 1 urinal’s outlawed, because of stats were resetting, and we needed change the rules (take into consideration ). Then (during season 2) we decided bring urinal maps back and decreased limit of kills to 40.
It’s contentious issue, and it’s not like we finished this topic. We discussed almost 4 months on discord mod chat/mod forums about it. Actually you can say current SA rules exist since April 2018.
We’ve confirmation stats won’t reset anymore from now on. Honestly, your posts nothings gonna change. Everything you do it’s criticizing people. If it really depended on that write new post and ask yourself, why urinal maps should be removed? ( maybe someone will support you.) In this way we will be able to start new discussion.

What’s wrong with support other players and let them get 40 kills in urinal game? It’s nothing wrong talking with friends is very important part of the game. I agree with you classic urinal map (1tie) is less skill allowed right now. However SA ranks/ competitive season aren’t part of game based on only on skills. Although in my opinion players with better skill have it easier to achieve better results. Before the reset it’s 60 kills limit, and sometimes difference beetween 1st and 6th was 40 kills. Don’t forget bigger urinal maps are skill allowed.

We changed tournament points system to that was more equitable, so as to make any
disproportion beetween competitive seasons and tournaments prizes. We are working also for new competitions during playdays.

(Metrø ßoomin) #24

What map besides hammer and urinal maps actually earn you 40 kills a game? I dont remember the last time i saw someone reach 40 kills in a pit game :joy: its unfair to players who dont have labpass and cant just go out and buy one. At least keep it competitive. Also that last argument you just made is literally garbage. You mean to tell me that players should just sit there for 2 whole minutes too socialize while players who have to pit have to play all 5 minutes and rarely reach 30 kills, is fair? Lmao this is why the game died.

(The Mad Titan King) #25

Stick Arena is an open-ended game with little structure. There’s no rules on how to play the game. Just a map, stick dudes spawning on the map, and stick dudes killing each other with whatever weapons are available for five minutes. This is the essence of Stick Arena; Stick Arena can be fun for different reasons to different people, but it’s still the same game that we all enjoy playing.

Naturally, since one of the only incentives of the game is “kills”, someone is going to find the best way to get the most amount of kills possible. And naturally, it is a 1 tile map with an infinitely spawning hammer, which came to be called “Urinal”. Even before the stats reset and Leaderboard system implementation, there was a significant group of players who found this “Urinal” to be the greatest selling point of Stick Arena; it gave lots of kills, high ranks, and some camaraderie. Not everyone agrees with this approach to the game, but it is still a valid approach that you cannot unilaterally claim should be invalidated. There’s no “correct” way to play Stick Arena, and it would be a mistake to limit what users can do on a game that works best when it is open-ended for all players.

Now, the only reason we are having this conversation in the first place is the Leaderboard system. Without the Leaderboard system, none of this would matter, and Urinalers would be left in peace. But now that there is an actual LP + Cred (+ spinner) reward for kills, it suddenly matters to some people how the kills are being obtained.

But is Urinal really a problem in being a somewhat broken strategy to getting on the Leaderboard? Not really. If anything, think about the Leaderboard as just an added bonus to what we had before. If you manage to get enough kills to be on the Leaderboard, great, here’s some cred and maybe some LP for you! If you’re really concerned with being on the Leaderboard, if you average ~100 kills a day (which is very easy to do in less than 1 hour without urinal), you will have ~6,000 kills and probably comfortably place top 20, good for 6500 cred and 2 day LP. If you don’t like having to grind to be on the Leaderboard… then just don’t, and leave it to people that do. And to the point about Urinal being unfair for people without Lab Pass, well Lab Pass is the game’s main mechanism of making money. The Leaderboard therefore actually works in incentivizing players to get Lab Pass, should they recognize that LP is a useful tool for getting on the leaderboard. The game should cater to people who get Lab Pass; I think that’s how these things are supposed to work.

And to top it all off, tournaments are still running in order to cater to us players who take the competitive approach to the game. Some quick math tells me that getting first at all 4 tournaments in 2 months will get you 20,000 cred and 40 day LP and 48 Tournament Points, which is comparable to the 15,000 cred and 30 day LP and spinner you get for placing 1st in a 2 month season. So there’s definitely still significant incentive for continuing to hone your competitive skills. I do wish the prizes were a little higher for tournaments since they only happen every 2 weeks, but it’s not bad as is.

Anyway, to summarize:

  1. Urinal is not the problem; the Leaderboard system is only making it seem like one.
  2. Just think of the Leaderboard system as a bonus.

Just play SA man, and if you don’t like it, then stop playing. That’s what I do.

(Metrø ßoomin) #26

If it was open ended like you said, labpass maps like urinal wouldnt require premium subscriptions. Stop defending it…


VIP’s are unlimited. And since it becomes easier to get to 40 kills with more players, the ones with the LP are usually very generous with their VIP’s :slight_smile: