Stick Arena oldies

Bit of a nostalgia trip here but yo how’s it going,

Hope quarantine is treating everyone well, wishing you and your families good health.

Since I’ve noticed a lot of oldgen stick arena players coming back during this quarantine I was hoping we could revitalise the old community. I’m sure everyone has links to everyone. Would be good to see old friendships being rebuilt again, shout-out anyone you want to or know who’s about. Enjoy.


@Focus you still check this?


Indeed @TheBBSwag. The nostalgia when you told me some old faces had come online, I just had to come on and see and talk some old faces hehe.

@Anarchyz11 I noticed that you’re lurking around :star_struck: we should play a few rounds for the old days!


@Polizi defo isn’t leaving any time soon


Was awesome to see a couple familiar faces while visiting. Good to see there is some loyalty left in this game. I Have a ton of sweet memories here with a lot of great people who unfortunately I won’t ever get the chance to run into again. Gotta imagine, most of us are invested in their families and careers at this point (Hell its been 14 years since being active).

I know I’m not the only ‘oldgen’ that will occasionally lurk; and I’m sure I will check in again.

People grow, things change, memories will last forever.


It’s good to see / hear from the Old Gens. Not too many people know me but I went by the names, “Chainsawbond”, “Chainex”, “Break.Point”, and “Ravity”. Me, Crocodile, and Lopif were notorious for alting / suicide hacking but other than that people enjoyed talking to us.


Hey hey hey I think I hold the crown as alt King @austin thank you very much sir :relieved: & good to see ya Ravity.

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Hey, woah woah woah… Past is the past, ehh.