Stick Arena needs a revival

Hello there. I’m an old Stick Arena player. Well, not too old, but I’ve been playing for about 6-7 years now. I was the guy who made that one post here, regarding any updates about Stick Arena. From what I received from people, there wasn’t anything new planned for this game (or franchise in general if you want to call it that).

To be honest, the game has remained the same for years. Not sure if there have been any new guns or stuff like that for lab pass users, but it’s true that there has been a lack of major updates. No bug fixes, no connection troubleshooting reduction, nothing.

So, what is there to be done with this franchise? Well, here’s what I believe can be done:

  1. Old Stick Arena game revival. This will require fixing all of the connection issues (since they’re very noticeable), making a co-existing to Flash HTML5 version of the game, porting it to mobile, adding new content and compromising the lab pass, so the price will be more appealing to everyone. At the same time, what could be done about the pass is an additional and cheaper one, which gives you access to just a percentage of the things that the lab pass gives you. Of course, all of this will require marketing too.

  2. Stick Arena franchise revival with a brand new installment. This is probably the better option. New engine, new tech, new abilities, new content etc. And on top of that, a mobile app once again. I mean, after all, the game’s main idea is still pretty good conceptually and a brand new version of it will definitely bring old and new lads to the bunch.

Of course, I’m only stating these things theoretically. Of course, I understand that the development of such a thing is actually hard. Although, I wanted to make this post just to say that I believe that there is a community that wants this, a community that can potentially grow as long as there are plans for the future.

Anyways, that’s what I had to express. If you people feel like replying, please do. 'Cause why not?

Edit (18/3/2019): Yes, I am aware of the existence of the Steam port. Although, the same problems exist in that version of the game too. This also caused a huge influx of negative reviews for the game, sadly.


Stick Arena was put on Steam a little while back, if that’s something you’re looking for.


I thought I included that within my post… huh. Guess I didn’t.

Anyway, I still felt as if the port wasn’t done in the best way possible. Sure, it was great to release on Steam, but it required several fixes if you ask me.

I should’ve included that I am aware of the existence of the Steam version in the original post. I’m going to edit that.


I like your ideas about pass.

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Stick arena on steam was a nice addition indeed, quite happy with that myself.


Indeed it was. But like I said to Schallmeister, the game needed some improvements before being added to Steam. Right now, it has received some negative reviews, because of the connection issues and all that stuff.

Also, it could have been ported to HTML5 or something like that. Flash is sadly going to be removed from browsers soon.

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While I would have loved to see an HTML5 version of SA, XGen just doesn’t have the resources to port the game to another engine. However, the Steam version of SA ensures it will still be playable when browsers stop supporting Flash.


That is true. The game will continue to be played after the disappearance of Flash via Steam and that’s a good thing. Although, my post was intended to show the support that there still is for a big revival of XGen Studios decides to take action upon that, plus some extra details.


Based on what I’ve been told, they can’t really touch the current coding I guess without having to redo a lot or everything, or something to that affect.


I’m hopping on early evening for some rounds today most likely. Will I even find a match?


Well, that’s why I also believe that the better choice here is a remake or a successor to the current Stick Arena game.

Just a suggestion obviously, but I’m pretty sure people would like it.

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If stick arena needs a revival, they need to stop vote kicking me out like holy.


Lol it can be done with react or angular but it’d probably take a very long time re-creating user accounts and ensuring all data is transferred properly. I’m sure the xGen team doesn’t necessarily see the monetary benefit from it because there isn’t any, so it most likely won’t come from up top. It would have to be 3rd party generated by a fan