Stick Arena Maps

(Mint) #154


(Donovan) #155

Name: Darth Pitler
Slot: 1
Account: Pitler



I wanted to refine some of my older maps before considering making new maps.
This is another one I would like to share here.



(Donovan) #158

This map is special! It has a tile that make your weapon disappear.

Nonstopf Slot 4



New map for some melee fun.

Prison Yard


(☠) #160

Made this map solely for the collision layout. Check it out!

slot 1 on h0whigh if interested


(Mint) #161

a hammer map from a while back. i went and made it more asymmetrical and changed the floor tiles

hariot slot 1


(☠) #162

Quick ffa map

slot 3 on le0


(☠) #163

Not sure how I feel about this one. Like the concept but hate the execution. All doors, ladders, and wood pallets are collision edited.

slot 5 on le0


(ʜᴇʟʟˊs ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴ / Unholy Torture Machine) #164

#1. Load second map form account MapEditor *
#2. Copy it without looking. You can’t see this map yet!
#3. Set weapons spawn time to zero. Use this link:
#4. Find at least 4 playmates.
#5. Play one round. gl&hf
#6. Tell me what do you think. :wink:

*Map is called (of course): Secret Map


(☠) #165

Been messing around with some collision tiles.

“Heights Blvd.” An actual mess of a map tbh. It was intended for some roof top action so the normal tiles like the street and dirt aren’t walkable but can still shoot through them. PinkFl0yd slot 5

“Besiege” A different approach. Only the grey patches of dirt in the middle aren’t walkable but you can still shoot through them. Fun map. Le0 slot 3

“Entrenchment” Again only the top grey patches of dirt aren’t walkable. Yet to be played on. Leo slot 4

and last but not least “Alcatraz” Inspired by w00dens prison yard map. Not bad. Le0 slot 2
sorry for all the maps


(ʜᴇʟʟˊs ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴ / Unholy Torture Machine) #166

Cze. I’ll show you how I created this pixel art in SA map editor:

Let’s begin!

If we want to make this map playable we can make urinal, for example, on the lava on forehead.

TheEcstacyOfGold slot 1

Also greetings to the @hhh who watched every stage of creation,


(Mint) #167

im not really sure what this was supposed to be. some weird ffa map
“Ninth Floor”
mint56 slot 1


(☠) #168

I like the concept, perfect for a melee map. I think it will look better if you connected the office walls at the bottom instead of ending them where you did. Doing that will force you to move the cubicles, blue cabinets, bat, and hammers one tile up which I don’t think is a problem. I also recommend putting the blue cabinets like this since you have a shotty in there. That will provide a more efficient cover and not make the shotty as op. You could also switch the plant and wall cabinets you put on both sides to a red carpet so you wont have the blue rugs facing the wrong direction. And one last thing lol the vending machines, fridge, and all that fits perfectly in the middle giving it a more symmetrical feel. Sorry for the suggestions I just like the map and think it has potential.


(ʜᴇʟʟˊs ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴ / Unholy Torture Machine) #169

I tried to modify one of plenty my “urinal” maps. Now, it’s unfair, but epic.



I was inspired to make this map because in almost all the mixed weapon maps I can think of, the guns always tend to be overpowered compared to the melee weapons. Even in primarily melee maps (think Storm Drain). So I tried my best to balance the effectiveness of the guns in this map while adding a twist to your typical game play. The twist being half your battle might be from the other side of a wall.


(Mint) #171

I think this works a lot better. also i meant slot 5, not slot 1… :roll_eyes:

i played a bunch on a melee map that had a shotgun. it was actually not-annoying and a pretty fun. i figured the same thing might work here


(☠) #172

Its been exactly 2 months since the last post and I think its time we share our maps again.
a few melee

and a few ffa



(☠) #173

I edited some tiles and even implemented them in game which i think is pretty neat.
↓These are suppose to be shrubs
bush bushonground doublebarrelonsand toxicbarrelonsand toxicbarrel pottyunderground2 pottyunderground singletiledoublebarrel xggraff engraff voidwall1 bluefloor
A short video showcasing them in game lol

If your wondering how I did all this its quite simple. I edited the tile images on Gimp, then replaced and implemented them using a swf decompiler. The only bad thing is that its client sided so only I would be able to see these tiles. Other people just see the normal tiles that I replaced with the new. Unless, of course, they’re playing on the same program with the new tiles already in there but then you will have these tiles in other maps as well and it would look like this. But the possibilities are there. Its almost like a making a dlc map for stick arena lmao. Some of these tiles are really easy to make. Its a shame that we didn’t get more when this game was still active.

(☠) #174

I edited a few more tiles. Also figured out how to make animated ones lol Heres the map

I got most of the images from the combat arenas in stick rpg 2. The swf didn’t have anything I could work with so I had to take screenshots from actual gameplay and work with that. Also, since Stick Arena already has animated tiles that consist of 3 images or more, all I had to do was replace those said images with my own edit and the game will do the rest by putting those images in a loop and tadaaa you got an animated tile.

The showcase

Shoutout to Mace Windu