Stick Arena Maps

(Mint) #152

since everyone’s posting their maps i’ll post one too!
the weapons are a little awkwardly placed, i made this to mess around with water and collision tiles instead of an actual map


Can you post the collision tile layout?

(Mint) #154

(Donovan) #155

Name: Darth Pitler
Slot: 1
Account: Pitler


I wanted to refine some of my older maps before considering making new maps.
This is another one I would like to share here.


(Donovan) #158

This map is special! It has a tile that make your weapon disappear.

Nonstopf Slot 4


New map for some melee fun.

Prison Yard

(☠) #160

Made this map solely for the collision layout. Check it out!

slot 1 on h0whigh if interested

(Mint) #161

a hammer map from a while back. i went and made it more asymmetrical and changed the floor tiles

hariot slot 1