Stick Arena Map Tools

Hey Administrators and Stick Arena, I’m speaking for all the people who like to create maps if it’s possible we can have some new walls probably some new tiles and some new tools. this’ll most likely improve Stick Arena by a lot. probably better gameplays better game flow and good for map tournaments aswell.


What exactly we need?

Of course, new walls and new tiles would help us create better-looking maps. But, that’s not all…
I used to be map creator also in Territory War 3(!) and TW3’s map editor despite having a primitive system of tiles (choose the shape and pattern and that’s all), it had option to change size and background (And music of course, but in SA there aren’t soundtracks during playing) at any time. What I mean, when we made map in Stick Arena and we decided that it should be smaller/larger and forgot that we must set Sky islands theme to not have black background, theoretically, we have to create this map from zero. Even I had to make the same map a few times again to correct some serious mistakes, and drawing a plan on a piece of paper is not worth the effort :wink:

Therefore: New tiles by the way, but nobody should forget about the options that seem to be obvious, and which would sometimes made easier the work of the best creators of custom maps.


Boy its 2018 & we havent seen an update in almost 7 years lol, XGen hasn’t cared about stick arena for the longest.

New tiles would be dope tho


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