Stick Arena Lab Pass Announcement 2021

Hey everyone!

The XGen team would like to announce today that we have made the Stick Arena Lab passes free indefinitely. We really appreciate the support and engagement this community has given XGen over many years, and hope this will allow Stick Arena to be continually enjoyed in the future.

All the best,

The XGen Team

Ps. Please email if you have questions or concerns about lab pass purchases.


Thank you @Kaelyn! :] I wish you and XGen all the best as well!


Wow!! Thank you so so so much!!! This is awesome!! :)




Thanks, but if you cared about the game, you’d work to pull it out of the grave beyond this.

I agree with Agent, Very Grateful for the lab pass but for real if there was a possibility this game could become popular again I personally wouldn’t even have a problem buying a L.P. <3 -P.S
Would bringing back Quick play bots be out of consideration?

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Quickstarts weren’t bots, they were real people. They were just usually very bad at the game lol

haha! You’re right man, its been a while lol. Maybe Implement eh whatever. games dead flash’s gone nothing we can do really, but ill fight for the games life.

i actually saw one pro player in quickstart im not joking

Probably me lol

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