Stick Arena Funny Screenshots

(Marga) #744

ty for helping me @Lex @RealSimon @Septem @1lukasz for my rank

(circa 2005, 2018) #745

Quick Start in Ballistick was a full house for some reason.

(Schallmeister) #746

Breaking game mechanics.


15 days ago I was Rank 12, now I’m Rank 13!!! WOW!!
Amazing job by the “The Bathroom Boys + Jenny” crew!! Thank you to those who celebrated Rank 13 with me: @Half_Blind_Hero @Nicholas @grasp85 and @Apple512881
Thanks Everyone!! :smiley:


(ʜᴇʟʟˊs ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴ / Unholy Torture Machine) #748

That’s how I play urinal!

(Schallmeister) #749

I joined late.

I barely even urinal guys

(Mint) #750


(Lexus(17)) #751

Free lab weekend effect :wink:

(Donovan) #752

The one and only time I beat Cap1

(asgfgh) #753

Wait so are black spinners now available for everyone or did they earn it through some event?

Also side rant, if the people in charge were smart they would have more colors available. Why is a black spinner so taboo? In other games people pay money for skins, if anything I am sure people would spend $20 on a black spinner like they did on a blue head lmao.


(Schallmeister) #754

The ones making the colors for these spinners are the players, like you. I just take those colors and make a spinner out of them. Every color, that I’m aware of, is available. Sorry everyone is choosing black.


(Nick) #755



(Schallmeister) #756

Found these on my computer. I believe they were aim games.

(Lexus(17)) #757

On this day, I achieved rank 14 on my main account again.
Thank you @E.A.Sports, @Nicholas, @w00den aka @rhodon(congratulations to him for rank 9 too), @Margahardstyle18, @grasp85, @RealSimon , @Half_Blind_Hero and @hhh for the support.

(Danny) #758

Special thanks to @Nicholas @E.A.Sports @Glock.101
@gohan12341 @John2Blue and @grasp85 for helping me reach my next rank!

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #760


This is a spinner glitch of the “Black and Blue” Pro spinner:

I made that spinner to take advantage of the different color mechanics utilized by Pro spinners. In the pro spinner, the outer ring looks black while the name looks blue. In this glitched ‘old skool’ version, the spinner color matches that of the name.

(ʜᴇʟʟˊs ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴ / Unholy Torture Machine) #761

I’ve won a few times 5000 cred, but today for the first time I win this:

(Lexus(17)) #762


(Donovan) #764

This happened in HQ the other day… had to take a SS


“.” @Nicholas :joy: