Stick Arena Funny Screenshots

(Shad0ws / Jon) #636


All my alts (for the most part).

And yes, I did edit this.

(M76mat) #637

Yeah, that’s a myth. Probably started by Kirofication after I stopped playing.

(Lexus.) #638

full lobby


(Lexus.) #639

Many congratulations to Codfish for rank 13 and E.a.sports and Half.blind.hero for rank 9.
Thank you @Pocket and @grasp85 for support!

(Nicholas) #640

@Lex and I achieved rank 13 together on our main accounts:

Congratulations to @E.A.Sports (his screenshot below) and @Half_Blind_Hero for achieving rank 9:

Special thanks to @grasp85 and @Pocket for joining us!
:canada: :us: :us: :us: :us: :poland:

(JS, circa 2005) #641

WTF, I’m rich! Now to buy …

… nothing!

(Shane) #642

First game in like forever

(Hell's Dragon) #643

I also came back after a long break.

(Chicken) #644

Money for dayzzz

And achieving rank 2 :smiley:

(Hell's Dragon) #645

My good score (finally!) + some interesting spinners

(Hell's Dragon) #646

Two winners with 2 best spinners :smiley:

(Hell's Dragon) #647

I guess w00den didn’t understand… ~Codfish

(☠) #648

I’ll be withdrawing from future map contest lol

(Mint) #649

first holiday spinner… well, non-restricted anyway :ok_woman:

(Kincaid) #650


(Hell's Dragon) #651

You showed your prizes, so I’ll show too.

I won Buildier Spinner as a first Polish player in history!

(Lexus.) #652

Congratulations on rank 8 to Codfishy either. Thank you @M76mat @poizzzzzzzzzz and @Eminence for a support :wink:

(Nicholas) #653

@Lex and I achieved rank 8 together on our alts:

Congratulations to him and special thanks to @M76mat and @poizzzzzzzzzz for joining us!
:poland: :netherlands: :us: :us:

(Shane) #654

Posing for the camera, idk I always loved when the stickman raised his hand in the air


(Shane) #655

Intense fun game lmao