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check out this old color hack program from before sab came out. I wonder if any of those codes actually work?


They would have worked on the old SA. Ballistick/Dimensions have colour code checks now - only illegal colors can be added manually through the database by an admin.
If added by an admin, i’m pretty sure the codes listed in your screenshot would work. I can’t confirm though.

Screenie :smiley:


Hi, this is Schall. In reference to Dan’s screenshot, obviously I can’t add colors with letters in it, so I can’t do those. And for ones written out as 7738 for example (if I’m thinking correctly) could be either 077003008, 007007038, 007073008 or 077038000. They have to be in 000000000 format (R,G,B - 000,000,000). Out of all the spinners I’ve made, all of them have turned out the way they’re supposed to - there are no restrictions. And for whatever reason you can choose colors between -99 and 255 instead of 000 and 255. I can make legitimate white with 255255255 instead of the 154164174 and 164174184 codes, for example.

(Lexus(17)) #453



Black spinners matter.

(Schall) #456

Must have had a lot to dice…



rank 5

(Lexus(17)) #459

Good yellow party.

(Hell's Dragon AKA Unholy Torture Machine) #463

We made Quick Start alive again!

The Sleuth - me
Ace Shooter - Lexus
Baron, M.D. - hamster12012
The Senior - Unknown random player :stuck_out_tongue:

(Hell's Dragon AKA Unholy Torture Machine) #465

The practice of aiming goes well…

(Nick) #466

(Lexus(17)) #467

Rank 10 is back after almost 9 months. :slight_smile:

(Shane) #468

Yall were killing each other past “40 kills”. I left and came back and no one had over 40 kills. So its legit pointless to kill past 40. Game legit stops at 40 exact.

Just found it interesting. Since it never happened before. gg

(Hell's Dragon AKA Unholy Torture Machine) #470

I lost this round, but… getting next rank is still satisfying. GG!

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #471

This spinner is awesome. Thanks @Nicholas and @Schallmeister ! :smiley:

(Shane) #472


(Lexus(17)) #474

GGS @rhodon

Probably my best score this year.

(,.x.school3r.x.,) #475

I found this on an old flash drive. Dated May 5, 2015.

And here’s one from April 13, 2012. Look at the activity in FW… Don’t you wish it could get back to this level?