Stick Arena Announcement!


True. I think its probably because the devs never did put in RGB color codes that are below “0” for the lobby section in SA.

(Shad0ws / Jon) #65

Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say 0. I have three playday spinners that aren’t that dark, but they still come off as red in the lobby. It’s usually spinners that have username colors in the 0-40s, maybe even higher.

(Schallmeister) #66

Moderator accounts show the correct color.

(Kincaid) #67

I’d love to see a fix for getting stuck. Sometimes when you’re moving about while hugging a wall you’ll just get…“stuck” on it, and you’ll have to move in the axis opposite the wall to get unstuck.

There’s also another thing that happens occasionally- sometimes weapon pickups will just freeze. They’ll just stop spinning and won’t be able to be picked up for several seconds. I don’t think it’s a client-side issue, as I’ve seen many times players fruitlessly attempt to pick up a weapon which I also can’t pick up.

(Shad0ws / Jon) #68

Yes, yesss. Please fix any and all wall glitches. Stuck glitches, going through wall glitches, etc,. No idea why this wasn’t just completely fixed from the get-go. I hate being in a 1v1 and getting stuck in place, basically giving my opponent two free shots on me.

I agree on the frozen weapons as well. It tends to happen when a player joins, and I’m assuming it’s a result of the fact that the timers are reset when a new person joins a match. I’m all for the weapon timers resetting, as it makes some sense, but the fact that the weapons become prone to freezing can be a little annoying. Here’s an example of a frozen glock in an aim 1v1 I recorded. Notice that when Gohan joined the game, it froze for a while there. This glitch can be a tad annoying, especially when it comes to a match that literally has one weapon. Yeah, talking to all those urinal people.

(circa 2005, 2018) #69

That’s right! Once I upgrade to a super processor I’ll be able to take on all you Steam Punks.

Someone actually posted the solution on the Stick Arena Community page on Steam. Once I updated Flash for Internet Explorer the game worked. It’s possible I never had Flash installed since IE is not my primary browser.


It was an intentional fix for color hacking much like if you die a rapid amount of times in game now you get an immediate 30 minute ban which was an answer to suicide hacking


The fix was terrible though. Like, last night, I found out that -99-99255 shows up as the default red in the lobby, but 255-99-99 shows up its correct color. Literally makes no sense.

Oh, and some colors that you can buy in the shop still show default red. The “Midnight” spinner for instance. It would be better if this part of the game code was just removed, since it’s clear we don’t need it anymore.

(Schallmeister) #72

The auto-bans I see from that are 24 hour bans. The newer version however doesn’t get picked up.

(Shad0ws / Jon) #73

I agree with Schooler.

The whole red username in the lobby thing is unnecessary at this point in time, so it should be removed all together.


My bad I knew it was a short term ban I just wasn’t sure how long it lasted. This is a ban I’ve never experienced myself


Adding on to this:

Removing this ban might allow users to color hack again (assuming programs like the SATK still exist). This shouldn’t be an issue since the mods should have a list of all the accounts who have received restricted colors as a prize, and if an account has a color it shouldn’t have, they could just ban it.

(Although, perhaps exceptions could be made for people testing colors for the RGB thread-- this could theoretically allow people to know what their spinner will look like before posting it, and they could even post the screens themselves instead of waiting for Schall. If this does happen, I would like to see the mods ignore color hacked accounts without any kills, as they could be used for testing colors. But if they join games and start getting kills, ban 'em)

(Schallmeister) #76

I was told the old color hack programs don’t work anymore. But that doesn’t mean someone might not bring it back if we changed the circumstances.

(Garp) #77

@David With Stick Arena launched now on steam, will there be more addons in the future>? One in particular would be a steam auto-login button like in Dino Run DX. Would make things easier in my opinion. Do let me know your thoughts!

~ Garp

(Kincaid) #78

Now that Stick Arena is on Steam, could we finally be seeing blue head for buying the Stick RPG 2 Director’s Cut on Steam?


If we do, it needs to be retroactive so people like me who bought SRPG2 on Steam ages ago can finally get the blue head we deserve :wink:

(expany) #80

There are always new players coming and after they see there are no players they will quit so steam was worthless.

(Kincaid) #81

I spy a contradiction

A). There are always players coming in.


B). There are no players

I know I’ve seen a marked increase in player count since the Steam launch. Not only is Steam an extremely visible platform, but Stick Arena is free to play as well.

(expany) #82

Still many players are playing f2p games to they just don’t know that stick arena is in steam

(Kincaid) #83

If they knew about Stick Arena beforehand then they would not be new players. Plenty of people everyday go browsing the F2P store page for something fun, and a portion of those people pick up Stick Arena and give it a go, and then a portion of those people actually decide to stick around and get better. That’s how every F2P game works.