Stick Arena 2v2 Tournament 11/7/20

2v2 tournament will be hosted on 11/7/2020 in the 2-Dimensional Central server at 6:00 PM :clock2: Eastern Time . This tournament will be a single stage tournament in the format of single elimination with a bronze match . Win 2/3 matches against your opponent to advance to the next round. Participants will be given a ten minute grace period to show up before being removed from the bracket and the commencement of the tournament. Click here for additional information on Stick Arena Tournaments. Sign up with the account you will be playing on below.

Rules :

  • No cheating
  • No Glitching
  • No free-killing (attacking of unarmed players)
  • No hammer camping and/or melee running
  • Failure to comply will result in disqualification

If suspected of using hacks, that player must abide by the host(s) and screen share via Discord . The Stick Arena account of anyone found using hacks will be banned for five years.

Prizes :

  • 1 Λ’α΅— Place – 8,000 Cred, 10 Lab Pass days, and 25 points
  • 2 nd Place – 5,000 Cred, 7 Lab Pass days, and 20 points
  • 3 rd Place – 3,000 Cred, 5 Lab Pass days, and 15 points
  • 4 α΅—Κ° Place – 2,000 Cred, 4 Lab Pass days, and 10 points

Each participant will receive 1,000 Cred and 5 points. Points will be logged here to the account used during the tournament. Players may not transfer any points to another account.

Redeemable Prizes :

  • 7 Lab Pass days – 10 points
  • 5,000 Cred – 10 points
  • Old Skool spinner – 10 points
  • Holiday spinner - 50 points
  • Pro spinner– 25 points
  • Any other spinner – 120 points (excluding Moderator, Builder and Blue Head)

I, Lc, will be hosting this tournament under the supervision of Ice. If you have any questions please feel free to DM me or Ice on the forums or reply to this post below. I look forward to seeing the results of this tournament as our recent 1v1 tournament was a relative success. I’m hoping to somewhat revive the competitive scene for a final 1v1 and 2v2 tournament with cash prizes in December. More details soon to come. If that interests you I hope you consider participating in most likely one of the last few tournaments to be ever played in the game of Stick Arena. I do plan on hosting these weekly from now on in preparation. And if you are interested in joining my Final tournaments this will be great practice for future participants!


/sign Lc, and Eazy

Thank you everyone for joining the tourney!

1st place - IAMYOURGODLOSER and rec,

2nd place - Eazy and Lc,

3rd place due to no show - .vvs. and wisdom

4th place - HateMe and Red