Simple 2v2 Tournament 5/18/19

Welcome to the Simple Tournament!
Tournament time and location: Saturday, May 18th, at 1:30 PM EST, in Cartesian Republic. There will be a 10 minute grace-period.

This tournament will be a 2v2 double elimination tournament and you need to sign up in order to play. Sign up deadline is Friday, May 17th, at 11:59 PM EST. If you do not sign up in time, you will NOT participate. Do not show up and expect to play without signing up in this forums post.

Tournament Rules:
No hacking or glitching
No punching or hitting players with no weapons.
FAC, EAC and WEBSITE are required.
You ARE to provide a screenshot when asked. I highly suggested that you screen your wins or even record your matches.

How do you get DQ’D?
Flaming/arguing with the host
Letting another player play for you
Lag Tricking on PURPOSE

How will it work?
This tournament will be a bit different from other 2v2 tournaments in the past. Sign up individually with “/sign” and your name will be put in the drawing. The day of the tournament, I will randomly shuffle the names and the pairs I choose, will be a team. You may get matched up with a player you may like OR a player you ABSOLUTELY dislike, but then again everyone loves each other because this community is great :D… Also do not argue with who you are paired up with and just play. Shuffling the names and choosing a pair in my opinion is a new and cool thing. 2v2 tournaments nowadays get boring because the same pair are winning every time. Hopefully there will be no “OP” team.

I will be live streaming on twitch for the drawings on the day of the tournament. So, come and see who your partner is!!

Tournament Maps:
The maps for this 2v2 Tournament - Xgen HQ, Storage Yard, Sunnyvale Trailer Park, YRN.HQ, and Rumble.HQ

What are the Prizes?
Prizes will be distributed through PAYPAL. There will only be a 1st place prize.
1st- $10 to each player
Private message me your info and you will receive your winnings within 24 hours.

Note: If we do not get enough sign ups, there will be no tournament. I need ATLEAST 16 sign ups for 8 teams. Please make sure you are able to play, before you sign up. Reply in this thread for any other questions, If not, I will see you all on May 18th. Looking forward to you all signing up :slight_smile:


/sign Nightmare


/sign Apple512881




/sign Eminence

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/sign LeThanos

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/sign Glock.101

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/sign ice


I already signed up, but I thought I would help bump this up. I really hope we can get enough players for this; $10 prize man!!