Season 8 Discussion (Boxhead)


BBH competitive season 8 started on July 1ˢᵗ, and will conclude at the end of this month on July 31ˢᵗ. Here are the prizes for season 8:

Grand Prize – 250 XCash
Top 10 – 150 XCash
Top 20 – 100 XCash
Top 30 – 70 XCash
Top 40 – 60 XCash
Top 50 – 50 XCash

Feel free to give feedback below, including questions and suggestions.

Good luck!

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can i get my xcash award from season 7 pls :slight_smile:
Username: Mr.Neeggie

This is from season 7

haks don’t get x cash


You did get your XCash. I gave them all out myself.

im in top 20 will i be able to get xcash

Yup, so long as your account is verified.

I just have to log in stick arena classic or dimension to verified or once i log into i have to do some to verified it

Go to stick arena classic, in the start page press verify account. Add your info and follow the link in your email to complete it.


I’m in the top 55 and I do not show up.

Is your username Akulano?

Yes, that is my name

Your account has to be email verified, and currently your account is not email verified.

The easiest way I know to verify your account is to log into you account here:

You will then get to this screen:

You’ll want to click “Log In”.

Once you do that, you’ll get to this screen:

You’ll then want to click what I have boxed in red.

It will then bring you to this:

Then you’ll just put in your username and password, followed by the email you would like to use on your account.

Once you press the OK button in the bottom right corner it will send you an email with a verification link. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, you might want to check your spam or junk inbox because sometimes it will put it in there.

Once you click the verification link, I believe then it will verify your account and you’ll be all set. And once you do that, your username should show up on the leaderboard.

Any questions feel free to shoot me a message!

  • Schall
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I get an error while checking.

Can you screenshot the error you’re getting?

Hmm, Apple and I were just able to successfully verify an account.

I’ll meet you in a private message!

Xgens help!

I can’t verify my account

I press the verify button on stick arena classic but I don’t get an e-mail!

Xgens help me pls!

If you don’t recieve this e-mail please check your spam folder.
Gmail” should works best. :blush:
I was able to successfully verify one of my accounts, so I believe you shouldn’t have a trouble.

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