Season 5 Discussion (Boxhead)

(juan camilo martinez cifuentes) #26

not work buth thanks bro

(juan camilo martinez cifuentes) #27

I assume there is nothing to do but thank you anyway the ladeaboard of season 5 an the list not actualiced


Neither the SA ones or BBH ones are working.

(Schall) #29

Jordan and Kaelyn are aware of what’s going on. Sorry for the inconvenience guys.


Season 5 has already started? Oh boy maybe It’s time for me to return (not yet)

(Jiren The Gray) #32

Where ma season 3 xcash at I need a refund :triumph::triumph:

(Schall) #34

Hey guys!

Sorry for the long wait, but all your XCash has been awarded. I tacked on an extra 20 XCash per account for the wait.

(Schall) #35