Season 5 Discussion (Boxhead)

Hey all!

Season 5 started today. I hope you guys were pleased with everything Season 4 had to offer.

The only thing I’ve heard recently about Season 5 is asking about 1 month seasons instead of 2 months - I will get back with you guys on this.

No one has complained about the prizes for last season, so they will stay the same for Season 5:

Grand Prize - 400 XCash
Top 10 - 200 XCash
Top 20 - 150 XCash
Top 30 - 100 XCash
Top 40 - 80 XCash
Top 50 - 50 XCash

As always, if you guys have any more suggestions or concerns, let us know! We’ll be sure to check into it.

Thanks guys!

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If @champ could stop playing every game i can manage to stay at top 10


can you host a playday soon

Id like to be able to play a good game at least once more this month


i have one question
when session 5 ends?

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basically, if people want it to be one month and they express their opinion here, it’ll be changed, right?

the more time passes from the start of the season, the more inactive players become.

or does resetting take an extraordinary amount of time to do once a month? yeah probably not

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I would say that’s a phishing attempt and will handled as such.

thanks bro

thanks for the information


Great Job Schally Wag :slight_smile:


Hey guys!

Sorry for the late notice, but the one 1 month seasons for Boxhead has been approved (you may have already seen the announcement on Discord). The reset will be happening late tonight (@Kaelyn correct me if I’m wrong). The prizes for the 1 month seasons will go like this:

Grand Prize - 250 XCash
Top 10 - 150 XCash
Top 20 - 100 XCash
Top 30 - 70 XCash
Top 40 - 60 XCash
Top 50- 50 XCash

As always, if there are any questions or suggestions, let us know!


I did not receive my xcah award and it was top 30 what can I do?

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You will get XCash as soon as possible. You have to wait for announcement on forums. Obviously your account has to be verified to receive prizes.


hello monitors

boxheed has been infested with hakers these past days

this one actually had two hackers but the other left

pls monitor moar or something

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OK thanks the other bxoheads have the xcash

that’s why I’m a bit rushed

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I’ll be handing out the XCash here in a little bit for Season 5. Hang tight!

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Unfortunately, with last season’s leaderboard not up and running along with the tool to add the prizes dues to attacks, I’ll hopefully be able to get to them tomorrow. Sorry about this guys!

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fuffly and timbo are both back at the same time
hmmm, suspicious

Respect the pouch


ok thanks schall

I will be waiting for anything thanks for your valuable time

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