Season 4 Discussion (Boxhead)

Hello Boxizens!

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet with you guys.

Here will be the prizes for Season 4:

Grand Prize: 400 XCash
Top 2-10: 200 XCash
Top 11-20: 150 XCash
Top 21-30: 100 XCash
Top 31-40: 80 XCash
Top 41-50: 50 XCash

As mentioned in the Season 3 Discussion for Boxhead there were going to be a couple changes in this season. Here they are:

  • Seasons will now be lasting 2 months instead of 1 month.
  • The leaderboard has been lowered to the Top 50 from the Top 100.

Season 4 will be from February 1 - March 31.

With lowering the Top x amount of players we’ve greatened the prizes in hopes they would be a bit more appealing, but you’ll have to work for it!

I believe those were the only two changes for the Boxhead seasons.

We hope to see you guys around!

  • XGen Staff and Moderation Team

can next season pls be one (1) month?

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Everyone who placed in the Top 50 have been given their prizes! Thanks for playing!

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