Season 2 Discussion (Stick Arena)

Hello everyone,

It’s been a journey with the reset and a lot of mixed feelings about it. We would like for the whole community (players and moderators) to give us their thoughts on these suggestions that were forwarded to us so we can work with them and try make the competitive seasons more interesting and enjoyable. Let us begin.

The current quarterly season prizes are as followed:

Grand Prize: 3 Month Lab Pass
Top 5: 1 Month Lab Pass
Top 100: 1 Week Lab Pass
We were given a suggestion of this being the new quarterly season prizes, as the current prizes are a bit ‘bland’:

Grand Prize: 2 month Lab Pass + 15k cred
Top 5: 1 month Lab Pass + 12k cred
Top 25: 1 month Lab Pass + 8k cred
Top 50: 1 week Lab Pass + 5k cred
Top 100: 1 week Lab Pass + 3k cred
One month seasons were also suggested to us, as this would most likely keep every player more interested in gaining more kills to earn themselves a higher spot on the leaderboard. Some have brought to our attention that the 3 month seasons were a bit long about halfway through the season and that some were losing interest.

To see how this will work for everyone, we have agreed to let December be a season on it’s own, which in return could allow the Top 5 players to earn something a little more special than the regular prizes:

Grand Prize: 20 day Lab Pass + 4,000 cred + Customized Christmas spinner (choice of wreath or candy cane)
Top 5: 15 day Lab Pass + 3,000 cred + Christmas spinner (choice of wreath or candy cane)
Top 25: 10 day Lab Pass + 2,000 cred
Top 50: 7 day Lab Pass + 1,000 cred
Top 100: 5 day Lab Pass + 1,000 cred

New rule on alting:

If you’re found alting in any form, every account on your current IP address will be reset on the spot whether or not that account is on the leaderboard. This includes finding alts that were used for kills (accounts with 0 kills and 350 deaths for example). You will then be allowed to start from scratch to get back on the leaderboard, hopefully in a more legitimate way. We want this to be as legitimate and clean as possible, and hopefully we can achieve that goal with this.

The old rule still applies: if you have a past ban for illegitimate ranking (using hacks to gain kills), you will get permanently banned for alting on your first offense.

It was suggested that the max kills/deaths per game be lowered. As some of you know, I have disallowed the use of urinal maps and maze maps as it was a bit unfair to the other players who usually play FFAs, 2v2s, etc, getting 40+ kills over them a game. I said I would be ok with allowing these maps if the max kills per round was lowered. The two suggested max kills per game were 30 and 40.

We are still working on seeing about how an option or two will pan out, so I’ll keep quiet about those for now. If it’s confirmed we can do them I will make another post and edit the original post stating what they are.

Again, we would love to see your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions here about the above suggestions we were given.

Hope to hear from you guys!

The XGen Team


This is a great way to get rid of alters. Lets have a great Season 2! :smiley:


I’d pass on the one-month flash season if it weren’t for the prize being thrown up. It does seem peculiarly short.

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Then there’s people who got their high ranks legit but GOOD LUCK PEOPLE.

I still want my rank 14 back js.

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ooohhh chrismas spinners im gunna actually have to play this time! after getting 3 accs to rank 6 it just got boreing as I already knew I wouldnt get 30k (like nicco) in 3 months because it just gets boreing the strech from 22k to 30k was a huge jump and I knew from then I shouldnt even bother

Any discussions of using account lifetime stats for rank independant of leaderboard?:pray:

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Im all for 1 month competitive season. I got the impression that in September activity on both games were much better than last 2 months. It’s hard to say how this will affect to activity, but it’s time to take a risk. Next fews weeks will decide about SA future.
I never had Christmas spinners, so I would like try to get them. Im satisfied we can get a chance.
Can’t wait to play urinal map again.

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I think you would also want to address to the mods(I would not like to share the users name with all of respect), that if you do get caught alting, it doesn’t mean your banned. I was witnessing “A mod”, threatening to ban an innocent player that he thought was alting, and take him off the leaderboards. The answer and thoughts coming from the player after the incident was, “I am never playing this game again!” . Again, this is isn’t a negative or a fire shot at anyone, I just want to help the community out in any way, other than sweeping players out. I also agree a little with what Joel said. One month for each season seems more competitive for players to fight for the prizes. Other than that, I am looking forward to season 2 of the new add-on!


Correct. It was stated that account(s) would be subject to removal from the leaderboard if caught alting. Alted account(s) will be subject to account resets as of Stick Arena Competitive Season 2.

Incorrect. The aforementioned player was caught alting in-game and had proceeded to lie about it. No threats were made. The player will not be receiving Lab Pass days for this competitive season since they’ve been caught with illegitimate kills on multiple accounts.

Again, It was stated that account(s) would be subject to removal from the leaderboard if caught alting.

Here’s more context on what this player had to say:

No one was threatening to ban anyone, innocent or otherwise. The player has been seen in-game multiple times since despite attempting to act like a victim.

It would be a different story if the player just wasn’t aware of the (newer) rule against alting.


There is more to what he was saying towards the ‘mod’. I think you should include more screenshots.


Please directly message @Nicholas if you wish to continue the conversation. This is getting a bit off-topic since the conversation changed from a general viewpoint of “alting” regarding the season to one specific player.



It’s barely been 2 hours in and I’ve been votekicked and d/c’d from server twice apiece already.


Thank you and everyone else for resolving the matter. :+1:


hey guys. I hope everyone is doing fine but i am banned and cannot login on stick arena . i did not mean to fk but please unban me im Nuclearcyclone please i wont fk so much any more

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I don’t think you got banned for free killing… Im pretty sure you were banned because a mod’s account was compromised. Don’t worry though, everyone has been unban and maybe the mods just forgot you.


I went through the list of users in the CP under the compromised moderator account and unbanned every account listed. The only reason some accounts aren’t unbanned is because you had multiple accounts banned in the lobby and they didn’t show in the CP (something that’s always been a thing).

So to everyone still banned from this, send me your username and I’ll get it unbanned for you.

  • Schall
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Guys what is going on i got banned again?

Another mod account was taken. As far as I know they’ve already been stopped.

Sorry again guys.

Hi guys please bring it to DM if you wish to continue speaking about your discussion as the topic here is getting a little unrelated to the one at hand, thank you much!!