Season 14 Discussion (Boxhead) – Public Referendum (Finished)

Hello Boxheads,

BBH competitive season 14 commenced on Tuesday, January 1ˢᵗ and will conclude at the end of this month on Thursday, January 31ˢᵗ at approximately 10:00 PM (22:00), MST. The prizes for season 14 are as follows:

Grand Prize – 300 XCash
Top 10 – 170 XCash
Top 20 – 120 XCash
Top 30 – 90 XCash
Top 40 – 80 XCash
Top 50 – 70 XCash

Per the recent enquries in BBH Suggestions List, a public referendum shall take place here to help determine the fate of Boxhead - Bounty Hunter:

  • Maintain the status quo of Boxhead’s system of competitive seasons
  • Modify Boxhead’s system of competitive seasons to match Stick Arena’s system via the creation of an all-time leaderboard alongside the seasonal one to reflect the stats of in-game accounts, separately from their seasonal scores

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Do help spread the word of this poll to your fellow Boxheads to ensure maximum input is given for this important measure.

Feel free to give feedback below, including questions and suggestions.

Good luck this season!

  • XGen Staff and Moderation Team

I’m not the biggest Boxhead player out there, but I voted to keep the status quo because I think “Wanted” should be a label that’s constantly changing and only for those who are active every month, as opposed to something that can be stacked long term. Otherwise the wanted list will become something like it did before the September 2017 reset - stacked and increasingly harder to get on over time.

The stick Arena cumulative stats leaderboard works because it doesn’t really make a big difference in the gameplay; there’s no “Wanted” label for having the most kills. It just serves our curiosity and is something to work towards on the side without getting in other people’s way. In order to keep people playing and interested, I feel that we shouldn’t be stressing all time leaderboards and stats as much, but rather emphasize constant active gameplay every month.

That’s just my opinion though, I realize it’s unpopular.

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If there were still competitive seasons with an all-time leaderboard, wouldn’t the Wanted list have to be reset after every season? If it didn’t, bounty points would be harder to come by, especially for players who aren’t as active. I imagine the actual wanted list to be the seasonal one, but a highscore board would be created that shows all-time bounty points since the implementation of the new HS. Like SA has. This is what would make the most sense to me, anyways. I haven’t played BBH competitively since 2009, so I’ll leave the vote for the people who do :slight_smile:


Oh I see @Schooler, I assumed that the Wanted list would take after the cumulative all-time stats rather than the seasonal stats. In that case, adding an all-time leaderboard would not affect much.

However, I saw a post earlier by @SenatorKingsly arguing for the Wanted list taking after cumulative all-time stats that made me rethink my position. I understand his perspective that the “Wanted” label should only be reserved for the best skilled BBH pros. I do see his concern about the “Wanted” label becoming meaningless when it only takes maybe 100 BP every month to get on it (0 BP for verified accounts only).

I think the real issue at hand here is that, given the current activity level of the game, 100 Wanted spots is just way too many. Maybe 50 people at best total still play the game, meaning that basically everyone who plays qualifies as “Wanted”. So no matter how you slice it, it would seem that the “Wanted” label really has no way of attaining much significance anyway.

So perhaps, indeed, the only way to make the “Wanted” label mean something with 100 wanted spots is to use cumulative stats for “Wanted”. This way, the “Wanted” label can pick up its meaning gradually over time and give players down the line something to work towards.

But if that’s the case, it begs the question: at what point does the cumulative leaderboard become too much? More specifically, I remember that it was the BBH community back in 2017 that pushed for the reset of the all-time leaderboard. This tells me that there is indeed a threshold where the Wanted list and all-time leaderboard becomes too much to overcome for players trying to get onto it. I’d like to see an explanation of why the BBH community wanted a reset back then, when it seems that BBH pros now prefer a cumulative leaderboard.

I’d also like to challenge the notion that “Wanted” refers to “most skilled” players. I don’t think this will ever be true. “Wanted” players more appropriately refers to the “most active” and “decent” players. SenatorKingsly’s post brought up Nikki11799 as an example of someone who he thought didn’t deserve to be “Wanted” because of lack of skill. Honestly though, it’s not like in a high bounty game, the best player gets 200 BP and everyone else gets like 20 BP. The BP gets distributed pretty nicely to all players; even just being somewhat decent will get you plenty of BP given the random nature of the game and how you earn BP by collecting cash. I mean, I’m not that good but I can pretty easily get like 50 BP in a wanted game with the pros, while the highest player gets maybe 120 BP. I think activity is and will always be the main factor in being on a Wanted leaderboard. If you go and look at Stick Arena, it’s the same thing. The best skilled players are not the highest on the leaderboard; it’s the most active players that are highest.

Anyway, thanks for your post @SenatorKingsly. In conclusion, as a sort of noob I will selfishly prefer the Wanted list being reset every month, but I guess I’m down to grind a little harder if the Wanted list is based on cumulative stats and is left alone for awhile (but not too long).


BBH competitive season 14 has concluded.

Referendum Results

Yea (In favor) – 32
Nay (Opposed) – 8
Abstained – N/A