Season 13 Discussion (Boxhead)


Boxhead Bounty Hunter competitive season 13 started on Saturday, December 1ˢᵗ, and will conclude at the end of this month on Tuesday, December 31ˢᵗ (2018). Here are the prizes for season 13:

Grand Prize – 300 XCash!
Top 10 – 170 XCash
Top 20 – 120 XCash
Top 30 – 90 XCash
Top 40 – 80 XCash
Top 50 – 70 XCash

Uniform Resource Locators for BBH.

The leaderboard will reset at the conclusion of season 13 at 10:00 PM (22:00) MST, and season 14 will begin.

We also want to hear some suggestions about the types of events you guys want to see this season, so feel free to drop your ideas below!

Good luck.

XGen Staff and Moderation Team.


BBH competitive season 13 has concluded.


Sorry for the wait guys. All the XCash is handed out. I went ahead and added an extra 10 XCash to everyone in the Top 50 for the wait.

Thanks guys!