Season 11 Discussion (Boxhead)

Hey guys!

BBH competitive season 11 started today, October 1ˢᵗ, and will conclude at the end of this month on Wednesday, October 31ˢᵗ. Here are the prizes for season 11:

Grand Prize – 250 XCash
Top 10 – 150 XCash
Top 20 – 100 XCash
Top 30 – 70 XCash
Top 40 – 60 XCash
Top 50 – 50 XCash

[Uniform Resource Locators for Boxhead - Bounty Hunter]

The leaderboard will reset at the conclusion of season 11 at 10:00 PM (22:00) MST, and season 12 will begin.

Feel free to give feedback below, including questions and suggestions.

Good luck!

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Hello good day. I wanted to know what time I can have my xcash from season 10? I’m Yeyouxx

Hey Yeyouxx. Prizes for BBH competititve season 10 will handled out as soon as possible. Most probably this week. Be carefull, we will give a sign on forums.

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hey! I used to play this game a while back. i’ve lost track of how many years ago. (Maybe 2012-2013?)

I want to know, is there a way to retrieve my password? I also cant make any other accounts since i always get “Limit Exceeded”

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If your account is verified and you still have access to the e-mail address, then you may recover it here.
The “Limited Exceeded” message is temporary and you’ll just have to wait a moment and then you’ll be able to create another account.


When I’m creating accounts on the API I just clear my browsing data and it works again :roll_eyes:


plae dae for s.12 ok

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I don’t understand, what do you mean by this?

Lemme translate for you : D

What this very advanced intellectual breed of human shift is trying to communicate is:
“Playday for Season 12 okay”

This language is a natural profession of mine, imma beast.


Oh. So during season 12, we should have a playday… Cool.
By the way guys, I’ll be updating the “Best Seasonal Players” Thread.

You guys should post yours too, since it’s the end of the season! Please support my thread ,_,

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All XCash prizes are done. Thanks again! :wink:

Since players 50 and 51 both had 971 Bounty Points, both players received 50 XCash.