Season 1 Discussion

(Nick) #33

Boxhead - Bounty Hunter

Stick Arena

(Shane) #34

Season 1 has been going overall great. With a couple of mishaps, obviously since this is the first time its ever been done. Perfection takes time. Season 2 will be better.

(Weary Of The World) #35

Please elaborate in further detail.

If you meant suicide hacking in both games, then in regards to SA it seems rather reactionary reasoning in retrospect considering people boosting has been a problem forever, with that being just one option for people to resort to.

(Elited, Du0) #36

That’s actually a good way of setting up the ranks, I never got a chance to reach or have ranks 13-15 on Du0. I was banned before I reached rank 13.

(Elited, Du0) #37

All the suggestions I’ve seen so far hopefully get taken into consideration

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #38

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask about this.

Now that every game account has been reset, there isn’t really point in having xcash on multiple accounts, so would it be possible for you kind people to transfer x mani from one of my accounts to another I want to get to spend the xcash I worked hard to get. I’m only using one account, after all. (Is that even possible, again? I’ve forgotten)

(Shane) #43