Season 1 Discussion

(Felda) #1

Whats going to happen to top 100 list after season? I mean is it going to be verified accounts only or the real list(both verified and non-verified)? What are your opinions on this Season? What improvements would you like to see next Season on Boxhead and SA?

mods pls dont close this thread

(Master Oogway) #2

After the season everything will be reset and players without verify can still be wanted everyone will get the chance without having a verified account.

(Felda) #4

What about the top 100 scoreboard on SA… on Boxhead you can just login to see real top 100 doe its kinda hard now since server got haxed…

(Schall) #5

From what I’ve been told, when the season is over one of the admins will go through the top 100 and hand out the prizes accordingly, while checking for legitimacy (which would be more so on Stick Arena). Probably once that’s been done, the entirety of both games will be reset, both verified and non-verified.

I’ve talked with multiple people on Stick Arena regarding this whole reset and we’ve come up with some good ideas on what we’d like to see to help make this whole ordeal a little better. Feel free to give suggestions.

  • By October 1, three people had 10,000 kills already (1 month in after the reset). It was suggested to lower the kills required for each rank, since there’s no way anyone can get passed rank 10 or 11 (legitimately) before the season is over. I had mentioned to someone that some people would still like to be able to reach rank 15 for the first time and that others might like to have it back again.
  • It was suggested that ranks 11 or 12 and up should be removed, since there’s no way someone will be able to reach it. Keep in mind, if rank 11 or 12 is the max rank, the kills needed between each rank will be mostly a little larger than the kills needed between each rank 0-15. I had talked with someone and we each came up with kill amounts with both rank sets
  • 10,000 kills should be max rank. Yes, people were able to get that in 1 month, but also spent a lot of time getting there. With 10,000 kills being the max, those people can relax a bit and it might encourage others to push for that mark Currently 6 players have 10,000 or more kills, five more behind them with over 7,000.

  • I currently have set a rule disallowing urinaling/maze maps and that a 6x6 map is the minimum size for a map, that way the people who like those maps don’t get an average of 40+ kills on top of those who like to play FFA, 2v2, 1v1, etcetera per game. It’s a bit unfair. However, it was recommended that the kills per game should be lowered. I believe 30 and 40 kills were recommended. I liked this idea, and I said I would allow urinaling and maze maps again if this happened.

  • Prizes should switch up some. Currently the prizes set for Stick Arena are:

    • Grand Prize: 3 Month Lab Pass
      Top 5: 1 Month Lab Pass
      Top 100: 1 Week Lab Pass

    A suggested layout of this was:

    • Grand Prize: 2 Month Lab Pass + 12k cred
      Players 2-10: 1 Month Lab Pass + 10k cred
      Players 11-25: 1 Week Lab Pass + 8k cred
      Players 26-50: 5k cred
      Players 51-100: 3k cred

    I’m all for this layout, personally. It was said that not everyone wants a Lab Pass, but would like some cred too, to maybe buy a spinner they’ve wanted or are saving up for. This gives more of a variety to it. Also, this ensures that if someone were to get number 1 on the leaderboard every season they don’t get another 3 month Lab Pass on top the previous 3 month Lab Pass (unlimited Lab Pass). Unless of course this is what the devs were wanting, to push for that.

  • Add kills from each season to previous leaderboard before the reset, for a grand total. I liked this idea.

  • Lab Pass weekend at the beginning of every month.


Keep in mind those were all suggestions. Nothing is set in stone yet.

I believe that was all for Stick Arena, and if you guys on Boxhead have any ideas, feel free to message me or post them here and we can discuss. Same for you Stick Arena folks. I’ve not heard anyone from Boxhead about tweaking anything.

(Lexus(17)) #8

I think 40000 kills should be max rank. There are fews people who can got more than 40K for 3 months , but it’s very hard to achieve it. Im all for max 40 kills per round too and i hope for allow urinal map again. I agree with all sugested prizes, but I believe players 25-100th deserve for at least fews lab pass days too.

(Weary Of The World) #10

Sounds like adding seasonal stats to overall legacy, which is pretty much what I want to happen.

As for other things on Schall’s list…I’ll come back to that later tonight.

(Schall) #12

Some people though like to just casually play and not really aim for getting a spot on the leaderboard. Not everyone wants to grind. Being a mod, however, makes this whole season prize thing pointless, since we already have unlimited Lab Pass days.

(Schall) #13

Not sure if this user has a forum account, but to clarify to you all about this:

To be on the leaderboard you have to have your account email verified.

For the whole alting/urinal thing, I went ahead and said alting will get you removed from the LB, not banned. With the alting part, however, the old rules still apply. If you have a past ban for illegitimate ranking you are not allowed to alt. This will result in an immediate permanent ban on all of your accounts. If you do NOT have a past ban for illegitimate ranking, alting will just simply get you removed off the leaderboard.

I was told that they will check every account for legitimacy when handing out the prizes.

Any more questions, feel free to message me.

(Felda) #14

Ok…so will the list include the unverified accounts also? Or its not confirmed yet I am just curious

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #16

Is it possible for players who don’t play and want their ranks back ? I don’t care about the leaderboards I just want my rank back qq.

(Schall) #18

Scott said this was permanent.

(Schall) #20

Certain circumstances make changes.

(OOF) #21

Soo how does this work they look at kpr and dpr or what?

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #24

Is this the right place to ask if it would be possible to make the competitive season last only one month? In Boxhead’s case, the game died after one month of huge increase in activity, and it’s almost impossible to have even one game with over 10 people now. I just want to start some conversation regarding that with this comment.

(Lexus(17)) #25

Less activity doesn’t mean that this game died. I suppose those DD0S attacks affect more for Boxhead. SA players got used to for this situation and it isn’t nothing new for us. 1 month competitive season could be good idea, but I don’t think it will happened. Resetting stats every a month means much more work for XGen Team.

(Felda) #27

I dont play anymore but maybe its time to remove labpass function? Boxhead have alr. became a sorta non $ game after the x-cash reward thing as people can just buy what they need (devil and running shoes) To counterbalance off maybe add option to purchase creds in Stick Arena.

(Felda) #29

More so of unlocking the spinners and 6 ppl. game function. But yea I’m not starting a revolt or anything as I understand there are still existing accs. who paid for LP.

(Schall) #30

Lab Passes also open the path for making maps, which could lead to getting a builder spinner. Well, used to be that way. I feel like map making can show what kind of creativeness someone has.

(Felda) #31

Ye agreed most people alr. have tons of spinners and they just need the lab pass to use em and not creds. So changing top100 rewards to creds. would be bad etc. cause people already got for their top5 rank

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #32

come to think of it, where the bamboozelment can I find the legacy scores nowadays?