Scrapped "knife" weapon

I was digging through the Stick Arena SWF trying to find some weapon data so I could make a comprehensive table, and I came across some interesting mentions of an apparently scrapped “knife” weapon. I highly doubt that it is meant to be the katana or fists, as there are already lines confirming that those are separate from this entry:


There is no graphic for “pickupknifeMC”, unlike the rest. There is however a graphic for a “bloodKnife0MC” particle:

Interesting stuff.


Wow, nice findings. Pretty interesting.

I’m sure they scrapped it because the katana made it practically useless. I mean, I can imagine the knife had damage between the katana and fists, so it was not really necessary to implement into the game.

You could have the knife in the old SA but it wasn’t usable as far as I remember, pretty sure you needed a trainer too.

I’m certain @Schooler could shed some light on this.


Thank you for making that clear. I just went into the SA demo SWF now and found graphics for the knife!

1 (Knife pickup (pickupknifeMC))

1 (Hurtbox) (Attack animation)

There were no sounds in the demo SWF, but apparently there were in the old non-ballistick SA SWF:


The knife was originally going to be a part of the game

Trainers later utilized the knife as an extra weapon. It was client sided so nobody else would see it but you would essentially stab someone for a 1 hit kill lol


I also seem to recall a glitch where the knife spawned in a map on accident one time. It may have been caused by a hacker; I can’t remember that far back lol


Wouldn’t that happen in some labpass maps too? You could walk over it and it would just dissapear :S

I may have missed it, I did not see a pickup for shotgun. Any mention of it in the file?

Oops. Yeah, it’s there, just forgot to put it. Edited now.

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Cool weapon, never knew that was there, would have been cool if it one shot killed you like in COD.


Also here is the attack animation at actual speed, with clearer visual: