Sad news stick arena players

The player known as dan. was tragically killed in a car crash in new york. I havent played stick arena since 2010 but i was great buddies with dan and had him on facebook. Rip to a legend.

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rest in peace dan. you will be missed, not just by me but many other(s). <3

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Rest in peace.

Edit: He appears to be alive.

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I mean sure it’s sad but have you ever actually talked to the guy? He was full of himself. He probably still thought he was something special just because he beat me every game I ever played against him. Like, ok, the game is dead. What are you mousy but actually good? Stop caring so much jeez. Good riddance. Man caused me years of therapy over the times I was /ban 3’d this was too good of an end for him. He deserved an irl hammer sesh in urinal.


You forgot to call him fat and to dunk on him for having a dumb pink spinner, but good enough :wink:

I’m sure he could have gave you something fat but unfortunately…

@mofire really was like Dan’s closest e friend he would totally know. Still not sure why he thinks I lived in new york though he would always bring up trying to swat up in ny but I haven’t lived there in 20 years ■■■■■■■ dead bro but like in the good way

Thanks for the laugh.

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Hi everyone still around keeping the community alive. Nice to see all you guys really.


Dan appears to be alive. Not sure yet though.

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Lmao no?

it’s another dan

Who is another Dan?

I am who he is talking about.

maybe BigDan, OldDan or DanIsTheMan

Lmao @ seeing how unfunny Stick is in real time :joy:

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I think you should be careful declaring people’s deaths when they’re not dead. I’d hate to see something come your way.

This is the second time over the years you’ve done this.

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