SAB 10th Anniversary Celebration?

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Hey guys, Schooler here!

Most of you should remember the Stick Arena 10th Anniversary celebration, which occurred on November 7th, 2015. For those who aren’t familiar, it was a playday that lasted the entire day with tons of prizes in celebration of SA. There was also a tournament and a map-making competition. I’ve been thinking, we should do something similar for the 10th anniversary of Ballistick, which was released on November 4th, 2008.

November 4th is a Sunday, which has been the go-to day for playing SA lately anyway. There will be a 1v1 tournament that day, but there’s no reason there can’t be a playday too. This playday should be in Cartesian instead of 2D (since we are celebrating Ballistick :wink: ) and I’d like to see a lot more prizes than the usual playdays. That would allow it to last longer too. The 2015 celebration started at 10AM eastern and ran until at least 9PM. Let’s do the same thing this year! :smiley:


P.S. lmfao it said this topic was similar to some Boxhead topic because both begin with “Hey guys”

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Free Lab Pass weekend!

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Lol what they should do is just do exactly what they did in 2015. With a twist though…

Id say instead of a tournament (obviously not everyone is as skilled in competitive gameplay) players should receive 3 days labpass & 1000 cred, for every trivia question they get right.

Give out some prizes that are worth the players time & announce the playday on steam & everywhere else to attract the most activity

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Well there will be a tournament that day regardless, as it’s part of the new tournament schedule that begins this Sunday. But I agree that the prizes for answering trivia should be significant. At least LP days and hopefully spinners too :stuck_out_tongue: Obviously the playday will be announced on Discord, but I’m not sure about Steam, since this would take place in Ballistick, which isn’t accessible via Steam. Regardless, it should be announced ahead of time so people remember… :stuck_out_tongue:

Myself and the others who hosted the playday in 2015 didn’t have a limit to the number of prizes we could give out. I understand limiting the prizes for weekly playdays but since this is a special occasion, and we want it to last all day, the number of LP days and spinners should be unlimited, so whoever is running this can give out as many as they want :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think players should get a participation prize as well, so nobody leaves empty handed. That’ll make it more encouraging for people to log in

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I like to see how people are suggesting things. Xgen should be professional and strongly consider everything coming their way.

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I do read these, believe it or not.

And to add, a lot of the stuff that’s in place now is because of what the community has suggested somewhere along the way. There are things we are still working for though.

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me/tony winning the black assassins in Poly memorial

Air getting banned

Brady thinking he can give out creds

Ryan getting angry that he lost with ava in 2v2 and refused to give out LP/Creds

Ace2cool telling everybody who participated in bradys games are not receiving any lp/creds

People flaming brady

people tryna ddos brady

Dan13 coming back and losing to Carnita in aim by 12 kills

Dan13 making a scene

Dan13 tryna hit everybody off

what an awesome day man fr.

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stick arena in a nutshell

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i literally can’t imagine someone ddossing someone over a video game, like I’ve never met anyone who even thought about doing that irl like the existence of ppl like that is nearly surreal to me js.