SA on Mobile

there has to be a way to bring SA to the app store

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This ^

How would the touch controls even work?

its an intriguing concept.

the controls would defintely need a re vamp ing.

puffin browser

Urinal for mobile.


Ngl, ive tried playing it on my ps3 once when surfing thorugh the browser. Could shoot but not move. It was interesting though

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Someone was able to glitch ranks back in the day playing on a PlayStation. They created new accounts with 800,000+ kills on them.

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This is new to me, thank you. 🥹

Think how fluid a game like cod mobile is and rethink what you just said.

i’ve never played cod for mobile.

Tbh Controls could work a bit like this (Dark red is for labels)

Basically the Joystick works by dragging the circle in the middle towards the direction you want (Like an actual control stick, most mobile games work like this) this would control the player. Then there’s a crosshair which you’d just tap and it’d go to where you’re pointing and also shoot, it could also be dragged for continuous fire and aim. Then the normal buttons just work like the normal buttons, just tap them. Chat would obviously use the on-screen keyboard.

I put way too much effort into what should really only be a five second explanation, will never be used by anything, kind of obvious, and merely hypothetical. Yay!

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where is the movement stick :skull:

Screenshot (227)
I wonder where it it is.

I am honestly way to used to mobile joy sticks being im the left side… I can’t think of any game that is default right side joystick… otherwise, yeah. It’s really doable.

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this is aim joystick

thats basically the reason why i created this topic- if its possible to play games like fortnite on your mobile, than it should be basic to bring stick arena to the device. the only thing is- would it be as popular as it was back in '06-07. i know its something that i would like to try, but would it be as successful as SA was in its hey day? that question remains to be answered.

get puffin browser on mobile and you can then play it

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I’m talking to an app developer as well as what’s left with the xgen studios team to make this actually happen… will be posting updates

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