SA Community 2020

So I have been away from this game for probably six to eight years. Many changes stick out, some good, some interesting and some bad. So bottom line inform me on new things in the community what’s frowned upon… What’s more stand outish. Many old gens still play? Is it all new comers? People still rock urinal nonstop? I don’t see teams being a thing anymore. I don’t know just fill me in. :slight_smile: I think I might return for a bit.

PS. if this is in the wrong place feel free to move the thread.


Welcome back!
Uri is still kicking, we got a uri crew and I’m the uri king now ;)

There is an xgen discord server ( and a few other SA discord servers that are not affiliated with xgen.

There is a seasonal leaderboard now where you can get lab pass, custom spinners, and cred depending on how many kills you get. The season lasts for 2 months and the season we are on now ends at the end of October (just over halfway through)

Everyone’s account was reset a few years ago so you will be a rank zero if you log in.

Any type of alting is banned and will get your kills reset.


OoooooooH, What’s good man. I haven’t seen you in ages. I honestly feel like showing everyone on here what it was like to play skilled players :)

Hey CHC, are you back? visiting? anyways, great to see you again bro and man the memories when you posted the screen of chc haha - irepresenthell


That’s what I’m here for.

Some small big things that’s happened in your “6-8 years”:

XGen released a point-and-click adventure game called The Low Road a little over 3 years ago - it was launched on the Nintendo Switch as well as Steam.

XGen is down to a team of two or three full time employees, with Skye’s passing in 2015 and an employee or two leaving.

Every accounts’ stats were reset on Stick Arena and Boxhead September 1, 2017.

Unless you have a past ban for illegitimate ranking - every account on your IP will be perma’d, like always. We disallowed alting to make the competitive seasons more fair.

You might find a couple here and there.

It’s fine where it is.


There is one thing I am slightly confused about. I know there is a seasonal leaderboard, I am pretty sure I found an all time leaderboard since the recet but I can’t seem to locate that again. Am I losing it or is that a real thing.

The legacy leaderboard?

No sir. Like a current leaderboard after reset. So for example lets say I have 2k kills but this season I have 200, is there like a leaderboard that would show 2,200?

This dude?

Yeah! I don’t know why but I could not find that again for the life of me. Thanks.

This topic is pretty useful:

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Yeah, the forums have changed so much it’s taking me a big to re-learn and also get up to snuff.

I personally think the vBulletin forums were cleaner.

Which was another thing that happened. About the end of April 2017 these Discourse forums were created after the deletion of the vBulletin forums. The reason it was deleted was because several forum accounts were getting compromised (some high ranked accounts) as well as MMOcha accounts and the devs believed starting fresh would solve that issue, but it didn’t. They mentioned something about archiving the old forums as read-only, but it hasn’t happened.

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That’s garbage! I’m mildly upset but my forum account got deleted… Im pretty sure anyway. But one I mean everyone know it was legit me. Had old pws tucked away and everything in that bad boy.

This was the last archive from the wayback machine of the old forums before the switch.

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Ahh yes the old style forums :sob:

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Yo what’s up CHC. This is omgdragon5555 if you still remember me from back in the day. I simply go by dragon nowadays and I’m usually on my account MambaMentaity. I think I saw your account theory in the lobby this week but I didn’t think you were the real one so I didn’t say hi haha. My bad.

There are still a few oldgen players left; the ones that I can name off the top of my head are me, Gooeymonster(who goes by B0gus now), Outlaw Rider LC, IRepresentHell(the forum user earlier in this thread), and maybe more that I didn’t know were old gen. You might recognize some other players who aren’t oldgen by definition but are still early on in ballistick.

Tournaments officially ended earlier this year so pretty much the game is just played for fun now. There are those who urinal and those who play ffas/2v2s. You can win lab pass days and color hacked spinners from events called play days, which are hosted by a moderator (mainly Ice) every Sunday 4:30PM Eastern time, so come check those out if you are interested!