Rate the player above you!

you know the dealiooooo. Rate the player above you. I’ll start

Bulls aka Cane

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I’ll have to say Raspy… Hes a god

Ima be a nerd on this post*

I give raspy (Noob) a good 8.5/10. Good aim & good 2v2 sense

I give air a 8/10. Funny in the lobby but horrible at the game :slight_smile:

Recruited? Man that guy is below zero. I could take a pet from the ballistick shop as my 2v2 partner, & have a better chance of winning with it, than i would with rec.

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i mean its a possibility

Played with Rec in a 2v2 one time. He is obviously above average, like anyone who has played him knows, and fared well in keeping the scores close. I’d say he’s got some good skill, and not the sledgehammer type skill, but the ‘can actually corner and aim good’ skill.


I never saw him play competitively but he was okay^

Edd is a 8/10

Antonio is 1/10 JK JK 8/10 aswel.


I had the chance to see some of best players dominate, and 3dd is definitely one of the better players I’ve had the chance to play with and against. Rarely do I see him not win or come close to stealing a match while joining late.

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I’m pretty sure you’ve managed to beat me every time we’ve played somehow (I call hacks).

I’d give a solid 7.5/10

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I give schallywag a 5/10

Schall isn’t that bad in 2v2’s. Give him a 8/10

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2/10 for therealnub.

no re.

Give Edd 9/10 Patient gameplay had peeps upset for a while in 2v2s

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Not sure who your main is so I can’t rate you.

Edit: Chris is a 7/10, Good asl in aim but i dont remember him being a player who was good in everything else.

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Air id say is 8.5-9/10, Good aim, patience in 1v1, 2v2 i didnt catch up on but when i did play, he could make some things happen. All around versatile player.

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i give chris a 9/10 for being a legit player.

9/10 for edd. Best hit and run player in sticks