Poll: Free-Killing or No Free-Killing

To free-kill or not to free-kill, that is the question

  • FK
  • NFK

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I don’t free kill anyone unless they start free killing me. Return the favor.



Deal with it!


It depends on the situation.

If I’m playing in a “pro” game, or in a 2v2, or in a tournament, I don’t FK. But if I’m playing a random game, or in a melee map, then I do. So I feel like I shouldn’t even answer your poll, since I utilize both styles of play.

We should totally do a 1v1 tournament in HQ where FK is allowed, though. It would be fun :stuck_out_tongue: (Or even a FFA tournament…)


Most of the time in public matches, I don’t free kill. Unless a player free kills or tries to free kills me (considering in almost all cases the new players are the ones that free kill). Then that’s when I decide to free kill.


NFK in most matches with ranged weapons. But, I mostly end up FK’ing noobs in defense. With melee maps, I’m way more likely to FK, and so are most players. Since ranged maps are considered more “pro.”

Nfk in melee maps is just plain stupid. It doesnt fit the theme and it will just make the game slow and boring


Also, people will just camp for the hammers anyway if it is going to be nfk. To obtain the hammers u need to work for it, just like in the pit. Thats how u determine the winner of the game.


Here’s my stance of No Free Kill games (like Xgen HQ). I don’t honestly get the point because, you get about three seconds of invincibility which should be used to go for a weapon. If there are three or four players, then in a NFK zone, all you have to do is wait until one or both players are low on health then grab a pistol and kill them both :\

Why should I wait for someone to get a tactical advantage on me? Just be fast and find a weapon so you don’t get shot at.

And stop being a baby :wink:

P.S. if others are doing No Free Kill then I generally won’t. But I don’t think it’s unfair to run up and punch someone because I feel if someone punches you then they are saying they are okay to be shot at without a weapon :slight_smile:


Melee maps - Strongly free killing. There is no point to use “NFK rule” in maps like this, because of get weapon is part of skill.
Random classic maps- I’d prefer “free killing” Usually during playing that kind of maps. There are a lot of less experienced players Some people can even don’t know the " NFK rule" By the way. No free killing in maps like storm drain doesn’t make any sense.
FFA xgen hq - For me free killing is more fun. In the past i preffered “NFK” in HQ., but since i got kicked just because of my worse score i changed my opinion. Thank you @hhh :smiley:
Tournaments/ 1v1/2v2 - I think that both “rules” are good for these games. :slight_smile:

Although i like FK much more i don’t see a trouble to use NFK if some people wanted it.
Anyway, i believe that some players shouldn’t expect NFK from other people. Especially when they didn’t create a game.


Lmao If you’re non competitive you’re going to choose FK over NFK.

More noobs free killed until they learned that NFK is an unwritten rule in most HQ games

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Either way it’s part of the game. I subscribe to the unwritten NFK rule to a fault. Although, sometimes FK just happens, oops.
Mostly I like the challenge of playing against an FK’er, I like it even more when they switch from NFK to FK, I like it best when I win.


P.S. I think the main reason for NFK is in Xgen HQ because it has really terrible spawn points.


That’s exactly what Hmk told me.
Well, you are fully right.


Wouldn’t exactly call the spawn points terrible, they’re just unfortunate when it comes to FK being a factor in a match.
All the old map builders focused on spawn points not being too close to weapons to balance out weapon grabbing, so you don’t just get something right as you’re reset.

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FKing in melee, NFKing in competitive


FKing all day and all night!