Please unban my stuff

@Schallmeister @Ice
Alucard Kishin and i think alu were banned a long long time ago cause I was sharing my accounts with lite, who was banned for some ranking cheese. I’m not sure if alu was either but I’m no longer in control over that acc aswell. I’d really like to have Alucard unbanned to enjoy the game while it’s still here. My old forum acc is deleted but it was called therefrom here. Most of you know me from discord or history so you know I never cheated personally. Please and thank you so much. For whatever reason I’m not able to send the mods any messages


Here is the correct process to follow for appealing banned accounts:

it won’t let me mention more than 2.

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And then follow the directions in my previous post. That should work for you then!

Thanks for your appeal submission! The mod team will review your request and determine account status soon.