Playing XGen Games post End of Life - Mac Version

What’s up everybody!

First & foremost, after 8 years its very nice to see quite a few familiar faces. Hello to all and thank you for creating such a nostalgic moment & keeping the community alive. Its almost like we grew up with one another in its own way.

Now moving forward to the main topic.

With Adobe now ending its life due to the lack of security it had, its made it difficult for players to continue playing Stick Arena on both PC and Mac. However thanks to @E.A.Sports and @Stick they have found a solution to bypass this situation and continue to run flash games. Since there aren’t many Mac users on the server, I was asked to provide a more detailed post on how to get it running on Mac.


  • Step 1:

Select the “Adobe Flash Player - Debug Downloads” option.

  • Step 2:

Select “Download the Flash Projector” option.

  • Step 3:

Open the file.

  • Step 4:

You will notice the flash drive to install the flash player appear on your desktop. Open it up if the window to install the app if it hasn’t appeared yet.
You will now right click the Flash Player Icon and select “Open”

  • Step 5:

It will now ask if you are sure you want to open the app. Select open. Do no worry if you don’t see anything appear. Thats normal. If you look at the upper-left hand corner of the screen, it will now say “Flash Player” next to the Apple icon.

  • Step 6:

You will now select “File” and select “Open Location”

  • Step 7:

Now the Open Location screen will appear. You can copy and paste both links provided below to begin running the program.
BEFORE selecting open please double check and make sure there is no extra characters or spaces after “.swf”

Stick Arena Dimensions:

Stick Arena Ballistick:

  • Step 8:

The program should now start running the game! You’re all set and ready to get into the action!

This also works for any other flash game there is out there. For those who play other XGen flash games please refer to @E.A.Sports links in the original post.

I hope this guide was helpful to everybody! Please if there are any questions drop a comment below. We will attempt to provide with helpful solutions as much as possible.