Playing XGen Games After Flash End of Life

Hey Everyone!

Due to the EOL of flash the XGen Games, playing on browsers does not work for a majority of users. However, we still can play these games using the Flash Player Projector! Follow the instructions below and utilize the .swf files that @Stick found! Thanks for finding these!

Flash Projector Tool (confirmed to work on Windows, need more people to test for Macintosh)

  1. Go to Adobe Flash Player - Debug Downloads
  2. Click on “Download the Flash Player Projector” for your operating system

  1. Double click on the file and a white box appears go to file > open

4.Type or copy the direct link to the swf file you want to play:
A. Boxhead - Bounty Hunter
B. Dino Run: Multiplayer Edition -
C. Defend Your Castle -
D. Motherload -
E. Stick RPG 2 -
F. Territory War 3 -
G. Territory War Online -
H. Stick Arena Dimensions -
I. Stick Arena Ballistic -

Use flash at your own discretion due to the reason @Declave mentioned below


Although this should not be a permanent solution, this is definitely good for the time being.

The reason why i am saying that this solution should not be permanent is simple:

Flash will not be updated anymore!

This means security issues are insanely high!

Personally i believe that because of this, flash will be exploitable and / or unsafe in the near future, and since i am an IT guy who loves security i think this is something we should all think about!