Playing XGen Games After Flash End of Life

Hey Everyone!

Due to the EOL of flash the XGen Games, playing on browsers does not work for a majority of users. However, we still can play these games using the Flash Player Projector! Follow the instructions below and utilize the .swf files that @Stick found! Thanks for finding these!

Flash Projector Tool (confirmed to work on Windows, need more people to test for Macintosh)

  1. Go to Adobe Flash Player - Debug Downloads
  2. Click on “Download the Flash Player Projector” for your operating system

  1. Double click on the file and a white box appears go to file > open

4.Type or copy the direct link to the swf file you want to play:
A. Boxhead - Bounty Hunter
B. Dino Run: Multiplayer Edition -
C. Defend Your Castle -
D. Motherload -
E. Stick RPG 2 -
F. Territory War 3 -
G. Territory War Online -
H. Stick Arena Dimensions -
I. Stick Arena Ballistic -
J. Stick RPG 1:
K. Blast Rage:

Use flash at your own discretion due to the reason @Declave mentioned below


Although this should not be a permanent solution, this is definitely good for the time being.

The reason why i am saying that this solution should not be permanent is simple:

Flash will not be updated anymore!

This means security issues are insanely high!

Personally i believe that because of this, flash will be exploitable and / or unsafe in the near future, and since i am an IT guy who loves security i think this is something we should all think about!


Go vibe

Ok so I am a Mac user and so far this is the closest thing to “working” its gotten for me. This is what I get when I follow these steps.
It appears as though nobody else is online (which I’m not entirely sure if I should expect to see anybody). Also my account is registered in with its kills, stats, and rank. I do however have every single spinner I ever owned. I tested it with multiple accounts, same results. I hope this helps find the solution to the issue for Mac users like myself. :grin:
UPDATE: Same results on the Ballistick link as well.

  • Alright so I logged onto multiple accounts and was able to see myself online. Everything seems to work fine. I’m assuming my accounts had a reset maybe? If so would it be possible to have my ranks back? Haha


Wooo! First mac player! We’re going to have to try to get the other mac users to try it.

Ranks have been reset for awhile for all accounts. You will just have to rank back up again! :slight_smile:

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@Sticka was able to get VVS on and he has mac!

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:wink: Make sure y’all delete all the spaces behind the end of the link. so any space or anything left behind “.swf” needs to be deleted or the Flash Projector WILL NOT RUN. Pls & Thank you.


@Trooperxo is on now! 2 for 2!

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More Swfs plus a tutorial on uncovering links!

Stick RPG complete:

Some may not work as they’ll lead back to the site

Now to find links you’ll need a flash player, however if you don’t have one installed anymore you can use ruffle

now go to the page of the game and right click somewhere. then click “inspect”
Screenshot (7)
now you’ll see the inspect menu. thing, click network and then “reload” (you may need to reload the page using the refresh button if it doesn’t show the button)

now go to the box that says “filter urls” and left click

and type “.swf”

now left click the link and you can now copy and paste the swf link

and yay you’re done :)


Thanks for finding all of this and doing the write up! This will help a lot of people!

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This is the only thing that shows for stick rpg complete. Please fix because this is cringe.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Thats funny AF!

What do you want them to do? Idk if you’ve just ignored the OP, but flash is unsupported in 2021 rendering all of XGen’s flash games “unplayable”. I mean sure you can use these workaround methods, but thats really all you can do. XGen should’ve just let us rewrite SA in a different language.

Sucks 2 suck

Yo E.A. it’s ham, do you still play till now? do you also know if others are still playing?

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It works for me using Flash Player 32.

Stick RPG Complete using Adobe Flash Player 32 (2021-06-01)

@hamheadon - Join EA’s discord:

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Yeah still play bro! Not as much but we usually can get 3-4 people on. If you haven’t already join our discord server (Stick Arena All Stars). You’ll know when we’re playing!

oof, i meant graspie’s discord server

out of the 9 games posted, only 4 work. (dinorun, territory war online, territory war 3 & defend your castle)

Stick Arena Dimensions / Ballistick should be working… are you on steam?

I am also on a MacBook pro if that helps.