Playing Stick Arena on Clients After Flash EOL

Hey Everyone!
We just got confirmation you can get EAC to work for Stick Arena!

Again proceed at your own risk. Go to this link and download the latest build.

EAC along with other clients should work after doing that!
You may have to restart your computer if it doesn’t work initially.
Thanks for those who helped out with this! You know who you are! :wink:

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  1. newgrounds does not have any sa cilents
  2. how can newgrounds player run linked xgen games?

Its just software that newgrounds made to have flash plugins run on your computer. Therefore if you have any old Stick Arena clients like “EAC” or “FAC” etc, they will work once you’ve installed the boxed link in which E.A. has showed.

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old flash player versions exist

So your who i gave my account too lol,

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New version of the flash player are better than the old ones


all the versions are the same thing

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