Playing Stick Arena After Flash End of Life

Google Chrome with Adobe Flash Player (Final Version)

Mozilla Firefox with Adobe Flash Player

It looks like it depends on what version of the Flash Player you have installed. Only a minor change in versions makes a difference.


it would also work (and probably easier to do) if you have a windows 7. just uninstall current flash and install older version

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Adobe already took down the Archived Flash Player versions page:

So use the Wayback Machine provided by the Internet Archives:*/

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I always play on steam so it does work for me luckily :smiley:
Really happy that Stick arena & Stick RPG are both on steam.

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If you have Stick RPG 2 (Director’s Cut) bought and downloaded it should be able to run without steam I think.

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Initial topic has been edited that includes instructions to utilize the flash developer tool to play SA if steam does not work for you. These steps have worked for multiple Windows users. We are looking for Mac users to test this to see if it will work!


Turns out literally setting your system clock to a day before the 12th will allow flash to work

Obviously this may screw over anything that uses local time but at least it works I guess.
(once you start the game you can set it back and it’ll still work)


Well it’s working for now


What do I do after getting this after step 2

Call tech support aka @Stick

Ok so for Mac this is what it does for me:

I clicked on the same thing for Mac and it downloads the thing. When I open the thing it downloads it gives me this:

and when I double click on that to open it, it tries to open something flash-related, but doesn’t actually do anything. It ends there.

It does the same for other mac users as well. I read somewhere that it might not work on modern versions of macOS.

I’m on modern version of Mac, and I posted about it here.

@Schallmeister if you follow the steps below on Mac, you can load it up.

Although the Flash Projector does work for the time being, I do hope eventually Stick Arena will consistently work on Steam. Tbh this will be hard for everyone to be able to do without word of mouth. I have a windows 10 LT and Stick Arena does not load up for me on Steam at the moment. But it is good this is here though x) it felt good to comeback and reminisce this past week.

Thanks for posting this! =)


hey can yall please make a tutorial for linux or chromebooks i have a chromebook and i tryed to install linux for it but it didnt work can somebody please help me please and thank you

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The Flash Player Projector does have a Linux version. But, I doubt anyone can help you beyond that.


thank you but do you know if ruffle works?

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No, it doesn’t work with any Stick Arena versions just yet. Ruffle is still in development.

Ruffle does work on a few other XGen games though. Someone posted them on the Internet Archives.

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thank you man

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