Photography thread

Not really sure what category to put this in, but I think I’ll start another photography thread. All pictures were taken by me. I’ll try to keep them recent, but I may throw in an older one here and there.


I am glad to see this thread again Schall, These pictures are amazing! You are really good at photography!

I love all of these. I’d love to live somewhere like that.

I’m deprived of nature :frowning:

Looks really nice

I might have to post pictures of my own sometime they look nice though

Here’s a picture when I was flying over Dallas tx at night

Glad to see you’re still at it.

When I get home I will put up so much earth porn photography just you wait

Lawl I can’t wait to be eroused

I live somewhat close to Dallas, and go there every other week, but I can’t recognize anything from a birds-eye-view at night.

The one thing I do recognize is the terrible traffic though :smiley:

Err gonna go ahead and upload a couple I had on my phone too.


Pffttt, I dont see a toad or a frog on that lilypad. noob.

No, but I have something to accommodate that. Just wait.

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A little blurry, but this was 2 years ago @Eminence

Edit: I just realized my mouse is in the picture. I’ll fix that later.


I didn’t know you did self portraits!

(really cool picture though, in all seriousness lol)

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