Old players

I haven’t been on here in years and was wondering if anyone is still around from the ECM/spartan/IOA days?


Was on discord with a few friends and took a trip down memory lane. This is Ownagenesss/Focus (leader of IOA) Haven’t played in years though. Dead af


It’s kind of sad I wish it was more active. Has xgen just focused on other games ?

Their most recent game was The Low Road for PC, but also made its way to the Nintendo Switch.

I mean the game is super old so being dead is expected. Doesn’t help the game was pretty much abandoned by Xgen during its height. Fun to think about the past though when all the big names were playing at once. I’m still in regular contact with a few players from that time who grew to be super close friends. I miss the good old days.

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@Eminence This is your cue.

@Focus Do stop by during one of our playdays or tournaments. I think you’ll find there’s still life in the game we love. A lot of older players have payed a visit to the XGen Discord server as well.


@Eminence is still around !?!


He doesn’t play SA anymore, but he hangs out in Discord quite a bit.

I’m not sure if you remember me, but I used to hang out in Sparta chat back in '08. I was also a member of “Troy With Spartan Blood” for a bit. I also had my own clan called Pwnzorz. Good times, lol.


What’s up Cookie, man, long time no see, yes, this is the original …Eminence…, the guy who warred all those clans back in Sparta with over 30-40 people in the XAT chat everyday, lmao. Been living life man, nice to see you visited XGen again, lol. Hope you’re doing good after all these years. Yeah, I don’t play SA or do anything with XGen anymore besides chatting on the Discord from time to time. I do agree with Focus/Nick about current state of XGen, I think I saw Gunz a couple of days ago, a lot of people from the past stop by and then leave the Discord just to say Hello.

I dont really log in anymore to XGen related things, but nice to see you again man, hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


And continued to do the same thing for numerous clans after Sparta… One of my fondest memories of this game was in 2009 when me and Glenn declared “This clan has 24 hours to live!” on numerous clan sites. Then we joined the clan on alts, recruited Eminence, and he in turn brought 20-30 random people to the clan site and warred a bunch of clans. The leaders then killed or left the clan. We did this for numerous clans too… at least 5, lmao.

Ah, memories… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Been doing good haha just randomly thought of the stick arena days and thought why not check it back out. Also are more people just hanging out on discord? Gonna be honest not sure what that is haha. Miss the good old days haha was fun as hell. Have a good holiday man.

I am a old stick player named kamikazeii

Nowadays I rap I got out a song about stickman i think I should share it on this forum right? Do me a favour share and stream it in your state for a oldgen. https://open.spotify.com/track/2RqR1HwpJEUOQU7K1RHSwu?si=dqNBaeMBTEOtpicQAdwC0Q

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Lol dam… cookie u trained me dude… u probably don’t even remember me from Sparta or money mafia lol

I remember you magic! Lol I found my old log in stuff for the Sparta website:

You should publish it bro that’s dope, mistersniffles damm haven’t heard from that guy since like 2007-2008 bro it’s crazy how quickly time flies…