Old forums archive?

I know this has been brought up before, but I think its appropriate to once again make this thread since it has been a long time without any public updates. The following was said in the XGen reddit AMA from 2 years ago:

Is it possible to get any follow-up on this? I think almost every user on this current forum, active and inactive, would really like to access certain threads on the old forums, both for nostalgic and educational reasons (here I’m personally thinking of the old map dumps and mapmaking guides for SA, as well as various other SA topics). It would be really beneficial to the community.

I won’t pretend to know why this hasn’t happened yet, if there’s any particular technical thing that is standing in the way, or any other reason. Any update on this would be appreciated.

Hope to hear something from @Kaelyn @Jordan @Schallmeister


Hello Kit,

Thanks for the message. Unfortunately, we will not be able to bring back to old forums because of the infrastructure on the XGen side. We appreciate the community wanting to having the forums brought back for nostalgic and education reasons but at this point I can not promise this may ever happen.

Best regards,

XGen Team