[OFFICIAL] Stick Arena's Hall of Fame (Final Version)

It may be far too late at this point, but with the end of flash we wanted to go ahead and do this one last time for everyone who’s loved Stick Arena over the years. The Hall of Fame is a long standing tradition that sets out to formally honor the community’s finest players, officially sanctioned by XGen Studios as of the Atris days. This version of the Hall of Fame was created from the ground up, with every single inductee reevaluated instead of using our predecessors as a base.

Feedback will be checked occasionally to see if the Hall of Fame needs any refinement. Inductees, you may PM me for rank/name color update requests.

(The forum won’t let me post the direct images, please click here to see the full album).

Project History (For Nerds)
The “Hall of Fame” concept was first introduced by Falcon12 in 2006, who independently published a list of those whom he believed to be the greatest players. It was fascinating but a little lacking, so the community at the time came together to create a bigger and more comprehensive list that became the first “official” Hall of Fame maintained by Hotstuff69. The problem now was this list was permanently capped at 50 entries by design, and was only meant to serve as a memorial for the original generation so with young up-and-comers and a new competitive scene the Hall of Fame quickly became obsolete and eventually completely irrelevant. Some years later, Nooba tasked himself to modernize the Hall of Fame. He doubled it by adding in some of the best pros from 2006 to 2008. While there were some inherent issues stemming from being the opinion of a single person, the reception to his work was largely positive and the community accepted it. During Ballistick, Nooba passed the list onto Ghecko. While he tried his best and did induct a few worthy players, the Hall of Fame was somewhat poorly maintained and was ultimately shut down after significant community backlash. Trask, who was also frustrated with the Hall of Fame, set out to do better. While at first he only intended to extend the list to include Ballistick era players (circa 2008-2010), he ended up befriending many people from the upcoming generation and went beyond his original plans with their help. Players such as Alucard, KoolAid, Aku, and Avarice among others became directly involved under Trask’s tenure. His project, while unfinished, remains the most ambitious Hall of Fame to date, and is what earned it recognition from XGen Studios itself. You’re now looking at the next step.

Thank you to this community for 15 years, even if things weren’t always perfect.


whaaaaaaattt how i aint make the cut :frowning_face: