Official Stick Arena Hacker/Scammer Thread

(JS, circa 2005) #197

A player named ImRlyFast was roaming around the same time as ljj1999. The two players might be the same person.

(Schall) #198

That was ImRlyFast’s third hacking strike so he’s done. Looks like Cod banned ljj1999.


(Shad0ws / Jon) #200

(Schall) #201

Banned him. Thanks!


He was using wall hacks and god mode. I know I need to upload a video to back this up, however I don’t have any recording software. So taking screenshots was my only option

(JS, circa 2005) #203

I got a few screen shots of bugsysielgelunab wall hacking.


(JS, circa 2005) #204


(Lexus.) #205

@gohan12341, @Stick Thank you for vigilance. MMOcha Moderators will check his soon as soon as possible.


This guy strikes again and now created a different account, so I guess each time he gets banned he’ll just create another account smh.



Bugs wall hack

(Schall) #208

Unfortunately, we need video evidence in order to officially say someone is hacking, no matter how convincing a screenshot may be.

Do you guys need a screen recording program or software?


I heard that Grasp recorded the player and reported him, but I don’t know if you or any of the other moderators have saw it or received it.