Official SA Trivia thread

I see nobody has made one so why not? I’ll start!

Who was the first to reach rank 15?

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Who was the first person to make an SA trainer?

James Bastion,

      What was the highest K/D recorded on the leaderboards

A: It’s controversial, but technically the highest K/D ratio ‘recorded on leaderboard’ was 4,000,004 (obtained illegally by overl0rd)…

Q: Which player first introduced the urinal map?


A: I suppose it was Boldur.
Q: Who was secound rank 13 on Stick Arena?

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I think nobody knows this including me so I’ll start with another one!

Which clan was alive for 5 years strong?

That was GOOGZ but sure exterminate.


First aim map was I think gappa, but it’s too hard to remember that

Grappa? you mean Gappa lol the only ones who I remember is …acap…

Yeah maybe ACAP or Killer.Jay

No i’m pretty sure it was Killer.Jay.

The answer was killer.jay.

Q: What was the highest achievable rank in Stick Arena prior to the implementation of Ballistick?


A: Rank 10
Q : Which anniversary of SA will this year?

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A: 12
Q: What year was it when candy cane spinners were given out to accounts with a lab pass?

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Actually you could get rank 15 in the original stick arena. The leader board didn’t show the emblem but In game did.

Candy cane spinner hit in 09 I believe

Who was/were thr first set of moderators that weren’t Xgen employees?


A : Probably Marty or Boldur.
Q What’s username of player who has “pink head”?


Who was the leader of infamous clan, IOA?


Who won the 10th year anniversary Tournament?

I wouldn’t say XTM was alive for 5 years. It went through phases of death and rebirth. Even the rebirth phases had a person or two on for maybe a few hours for a few days a week.

You were clearly almost never there, Asg lol.

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