Official Boxhead Bounty-Hunter Hacker/Scammer Thread

(Nicholas) #93

@Muchalord Done, thanks.

@PWNEDKevin36 Banned.

(Blessed Bird) #97


I think y’all can tell the guy in second place hacks.

. . . Or maybe he’s just very focussed


Not sure if I should be suspicious about this or if it’s just a glitch

(Schall) #99

Most likely JoynerLucas again. He chose a 10/10 username though.

We’ve been watching the account since the reset. I don’t see the account on there now so I think one of the the mods banned him already, though I’m sure he’ll show up again under a different username.


thanks, idk whats happening but he was on yesterday. His bp keep going up more and more and I tried searching his stats up but it didn’t show up

(Schall) #101

Apparently “schallmeiste” wasn’t his full username, but he was found.