Official Boxhead Bounty-Hunter Hacker/Scammer Thread

(Nicholas) #93

@Muchalord Done, thanks.

@PWNEDKevin36 Banned.

(Get to the choppaaaa) #97


I think y’all can tell the guy in second place hacks.

. . . Or maybe he’s just very focussed


Not sure if I should be suspicious about this or if it’s just a glitch

(Schall) #99

Most likely JoynerLucas again. He chose a 10/10 username though.

We’ve been watching the account since the reset. I don’t see the account on there now so I think one of the the mods banned him already, though I’m sure he’ll show up again under a different username.


thanks, idk whats happening but he was on yesterday. His bp keep going up more and more and I tried searching his stats up but it didn’t show up

(Schall) #101

Apparently “schallmeiste” wasn’t his full username, but he was found.

(The Spectre) #103

Kissmadic%20Hacker Oldgen hacker Kissmadic is back along with Timbo.

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #106

kissmadictest203 thanks

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #107

do your ■■■■■■■ job, right now and probably for the past few hours there have been two monitors camping in the lobby while at least two different hackers have been hacking during all that time

(Evening Sunset) #108

Look someone recorded a haker with
username TankTracks
Credit to :TeamNxl8

(Schall) #109

Undeleted so I can clear this up:

Boxhead mods can’t ban players in a game while they’re in the lobby - it’s just the way the game is designed.

To ease your mind, the Boxhead mods let us know about these people so we can deal with it then.

Please, try not to make a scene.

(juan manuel lozano) #110


this guys has been speed hacking im tired of this guy please ban him

(IxteamxIBBH) #119

that was me btw