Official Boxhead Bounty-Hunter Hacker/Scammer Thread

(Schall) #68

This user was banned, by the way.

(Chris.kamara) #69

BBH hacker SharpTurner

(Chris.kamara) #70

BBH hacker reporter
hacker yungkreezy
By Qanta

(Princess Luna) #71

Done, thanks.

(Chris.kamara) #72

theres’s more video uploading right now

(Chris.kamara) #73

BBH hacker reporter
hacker Rheturded
By Qanta

(Princess Luna) #74

Already banned.


Just got wanted today, but I’ve been seeing this hacker named B0SSPLAYER, who is #84 in the wanteds list and got 841 bp in 1 game. He health hacks where he has it as you can use any weapon but it would only do 1 damage to him. He had a 13.5 kd in one of the games I played with him today. Next time I play with him, I will definitely screenshot it and show you guys. Hope you guys can ban him for sure.


(Jairo) #78

He’s banned, thank you for reporting.


Taxert has health hacked. 15kd in a wanteds game today



hacker named Zambrine, was health hacking then left the game xd

(Jairo) #84

Hes banned, thank you for reporting.


By the way BOSSPLAYER is back. His new name is BOSSPLAYER2

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #87

can you do something to this serial hacker
more monitor activity at the least?


New hacker named Capitan785, got hacks from timbo. He was armor hacking

OHyru is also armor hacking, probably Capitan785, I don’t have a video but he is hacking.

(Schall) #90

Though it is the same person, we require videos for proof, most of the time. I don’t see any past bans for hacking for this user.




Idk why y’all haven’t banned him yet. He’s been speed hacking and health hacking, AKA OHyru, ask everyone or wanteds that are in that game. Ask Stir.Fry, and 69. He’s been hacking since monday or sunday. PLEASE BAN HIM!!! Look at his K/d and Muchalord’s recording